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IBM System Storage

© 2007 IBM Corporation

The Six “S”s of SAN

(Building a Better Infrastructure)

Scott Drummond


IBM Systems Storage

© 2007 IBM Corporation

Storage Virtualization Layer














The World

Of Storage

IBM Systems Storage

© 2007 IBM Corporation

The Six “S”s of SAN


Operating Systems, Device Drivers/Dual Path
Device Drivers, HBA’s & Microcode

SAN Fabric Components

Switches, Directors (and Blades), SAN Routers

Storage Virtualization

Flexibility and Efficiency


Disk Systems, Tape Drives, Tape Libraries


Storage Resource Management, SAN
Exploitation, CMDB input and exploitation


Planning, Testing and Implementation, Education

The Three Things

That Matter

IBM Systems Storage

© 2007 IBM Corporation

The Six “S”s of SAN


Server Planning is crucial to SAN Implementations:

Operating System levels

Native File Systems

Device Drivers

Dual Path Device Drivers

iSCSI Drivers

HBA's and Their Microcode Levels

Understanding Application requirements and priorities

Important for introducing automated Policy Management and
implementing Tiered Storage and SLA’s.

Understanding Data requirements

Important for implementing virtualization

Storage and File

IBM Systems Storage

© 2007 IBM Corporation

The Six “S”s of SAN

SAN Fabric Devices

8 Gb/s Fibre Channel coming in 2008 (FCP and FICON

Brocade announced 8 Gb/s FCP on October 15, 2007


10Gb/s for Trunking (ISL) between SANs

Higher Port Count Density in Directors and Core Switches

Blades/Modules to maintain investments in SAN Directors

SAN Routing is becoming important in managing large multi
site SANs

IBM Systems Storage

© 2007 IBM Corporation

The Six “S”s of SAN

Storage Virtualization



Disk Level Virtualization




File System Virtualization

Tape Virtualization

Implemented via Library Modules

Storage Virtualization

IBM Systems Storage

© 2007 IBM Corporation

The Six “S”s of SAN

Storage Virtualization

Customer Challenge

Virtualization Benefits

Application Availability



Disruptive Operations

Physical storage changes are not visible

to application servers

Complexity & Personnel Productivity

Most customer have storage from

multiple vendors

Logical to Physical Mapping

Allows use of heterogeneous storage to be

used regardless of storage provider

Management of storage can be performed

in a common way from a single point of


Storage Utilization

Capacity not efficiently used

Difficult to manage and monitor utilization

Virtual Storage Pools

Capacity can be allocated from multiple storage


Management of capacity utilization can be done

from a central point

Pools of different capabilities can be created

IBM Systems Storage

© 2007 IBM Corporation

The Six “S”s of SAN


Most Enterprise Storage at 4 Gb/s attachment in 2007

Moving to larger/faster disks

300 GB 10k! 450GB or
600GB soon! Petabyte Systems on the near horizon.
SATA disk are available.

HDD price/GB continues to erode but at a lower rate.

Matches areal density erosion rate

More advanced function software

(Flash, Two Site (Synchronous or Asynchronous),
Three Site) and LPAR

Storage is using SNIA Storage Management Initiative
Specification (SMI

Low end storage is shipping SATA with SAS
interfaces (3Gb/s

6Gb/s in 2008)

Large Scale low cost memory solutions in research

Recent news

nanowire based memory (10
times flash memory)

Long Term

AFM Storage

IBM Systems Storage

© 2007 IBM Corporation

The Six “S”s of SAN



IBM, EMC, HP & Others

Framework Managers

Tivoli, HP, CA, BMC

Storage Resource Managers

SAN Fabric Managers

Storage Element Managers

SAN Exploitation

Free Backup

Hardware Assisted Backup

IBM Systems Storage

© 2007 IBM Corporation

The Six “S”s of SAN


Planning for SANs is crucial

SAN skills are more available now, but still not plentiful

Implementing SANs can be
very political


having a third
party to arbitrate between groups can be effective

A Sampling of Industry Services Offerings:

Storage Assessment

SAN Planning and Implementation

Virtualization Planning and Implementation

Fibre Transport Services

IBM Systems Storage

© 2007 IBM Corporation


Growth of storage continues unbounded, driven by
unstructured data

Data protection and storage management require significant

term digital preservation is a significant challenge

Media Migrating & Audit

Interpretation of the data

What application processes it at the end

Innovation in storage technologies continues

Memory Storage, Denser Disk and Tape, AFM Storage

IBM Systems Storage

© 2007 IBM Corporation

Thank you for your
attention !

IBM Systems Storage

© 2007 IBM Corporation


The Six "S"s of SAN"

Servers, SAN Fabric, Storage Virtualization, Storage, Software, Services

A good storage infrastructure is crucial to maximizing the informational value of a
company’s data. It needs to provide reliable access to applications’ data, good I/O
performance and have an appropriate cost in relation to the availability and performance
requirements. Other attributes of flexibility, scalability and advanced functions such as
instant copy and/or remote copy are also highly desirable.

Storage infrastructure architectures can range from Direct Attached Storage (DAS) to
Network Attached Storage (NAS appliances or also know as Network File Servers) to
Storage Area Networks (SANs) and finally to SANs augmented by various storage
virtualization solutions. The combination of the architecture of customer choice with
appropriate storage management practices, policies and procedures is key to improving
customer’s data availability, data access performance and controlling costs.

Smaller companies can be quite successful with DAS or DAS + NAS solutions, although
they have certain cost or flexibility inefficiencies if the company’s data grows
significantly. Larger companies can benefit from the availability and scalability benefits of
SAN or SANs + storage virtualization. NAS Gateways combined with SANs and/or SAN +
storage virtualization is another good solution.

In this presentation we'll focus on each of the six elements of a SAN with an eye towards
the latest industry trends in each.

IBM Systems Storage

© 2007 IBM Corporation



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IBM Systems Storage

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