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“You want me to buy what,

with how much, and when?”

To Date…..

The cost of implementing technology has
increased since the 1980’s

Approximately 300K
400K microcomputers were
purchased per year = $?

In 1995, $4 billion was spent by U.S. schools

In 1998, $7.4 billion was spent by U.S. schools,
approximately at $113 per student

No data could be found to determine how much
has been spent per year since 1998.

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Technology Planning

What factors must be considered when
planning for school
based technology?



Repairs and upgrades

Hardware: monitors, cables, access points, motherboards, mice,
printers, etc.

Servers and server storage

Web: designers, space, and domains

Professional development


Items to Consider

Gather as many people
as possible to work on
the technology budget.

Teacher Teams

Technology Board

Elicit help from an
outside consultant to
vary in all factors and
generate outside

Items to Consider

Work closely with the district’s technology
department on vendor purchasing

Work to purchase from a sole vendor and get
materials at a discount by buying only from them.

Determine needs and timeline for purchasing

Acquiring Finances

The most common way to acquire funding
for technology is through the school board.

Technology team/supervisor consults with

Superintendent makes proposal to the board

Board will either approve or amend budget

Technology dept. gets budget at, above, or
below need

Acquiring Finances

Additional ways to fund technology:


Governmental entities


raising campaigns


Corporate donations

interest loans

Higher Education partnerships

Technology Cooperatives

Technology Planning Tips

Effective technology plans
are short term, not long term

Effective technology plans
focus on applications, not

Effective technology plans
go beyond enhancing the

Technology Planning Tips

Effective technology plans are tied
to staff development plans

Effective technology plans define
technology as more than computers

Effective technology plan stress
integration of technology into the

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