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Opengear USA Head Office | 630 West 9560 South Suite A Sandy, UT 84070 | Telephone 1.888.346.6853 |
Enterprise Grade Central Management
Opengear VCMS is a powerful system that centrally monitors and manages
distributed Opengear products and their managed devices from a single console.
VCMS delivers flexible target device management control for large data centers
with a hundred rows of racks, or in power utility networks with thousands of smart
appliances. Designed to reduce downtime and establish a single point of access,
the VCMS aggregates “call home” sessions from isolated devices initiated
remotely both in-band and out-of-band. The VCMS allows for unified visibility of
all managed devices across large enterprise networks seamlessly from a common
cloud hosted appliance with intuitive browser interface.
Using the VCMS, administrators can access, diagnose and modify any managed
device from any point on the globe, even if the primary network connection to
those devices is impaired. This enables administrators to actively monitor and
swiftly resolve IT infrastructure problems before they a￿ect critical business

Features & Benefits
The Opengear VCMS is a hosted appliance that can monitor and manage thou-
sands of distributed Opengear products and downstream managed
hosts/services. To identify and remedy problems, administrators simply navigate
to the VCMS web UI to be securely authenticated through to the downstream
console server or managed device for troubleshooting, maintenance, reconfigura-
tion or power cycling.
The VCMS ia also equipped with a powerful grouping and searching feature to
allow for arbitrary filtering and selection of Opengear products and managed
devices. This is a powerful attribute-value based system that allows for both
simple grouping and complex searches of your network. This allows rapid and
accurate identification and targeting of devices on large enterprise networks.
Simply install VCMS on a VMWare or Linux KVM virtual machine and enter the
downstream Opengear products to manage. Secure SSH tunnels are automati-
cally set up and the configuration for each console server's managed devices,
users and alerts is downloaded. Or, use the Call Home feature and have remote
sites restricted by firewall rules and VPN’s call outbound to the VCMS using a
secure SSH tunnel.
Like all Opengear solutions, the VCMS is open and extensible. The core Nagios
software is familiar to many systems administrators so it can be custom config-
ured and extended with the thousands of Nagios add-ons.
Reduce on-site service calls and truck rolls for remote site management and
maximize service levels. Monitor, diagnose and resolve infrastructure problems
from anywhere at anytime.
VCMS central management system
for Opengear networking products
Single central management instance
for thousands of devices, across
wireless, VPN, wireless and wired
Enable complete separation of
administration for large enterprises,
managed services, and multitenant
Granular Control
Secure user and group authentica-
tion through services such as LDAP,
Kerberos, TACACS+, RADIUS or
Two-factor RSA SecurID®
High Availability
Disaster recovery support with
redundant VCMS instances
Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR)
and downtime with secure browser
access from anywhere, anytime
Reduce total cost of ownership
(TCO) by streamlining overall
operations, administration and
Protect against network downtime,
control access to critical resources
and ensure business continuity
Reporting and Monitoring
Real-time monitoring of alarms and
events from downstream Opengear
Availability reports ensure SLAs are
being met

Virtual Central Management System
Comprehensive Remote Monitoring and Management of Network Infrastructure
Opengear USA Head Office | 630 West 9560 South Suite A Sandy, UT 84070 | Telephone 1.888.346.6853 |
Security and Authentication
- Secure Shell SSH
- AAA TACACS+, RADIUS and LDAP authentication
- PAP/CHAP authentication (dial up)
- Per port user access lists and dial back support
- Local authentication, System event Syslog
- RSA SecureID
- SSH port and IP forwarding support, IP aliasing
- IP packet filtering, IPV6
Serial Console Port Management
- Windows 2003 Server EMS support
- SUN / Solaris ready (no inadvertent breaks)
- Break over SSH support
- Port monitoring, triggers and alarms
- O￿ine data logging (Syslog, NFS, CIFS)
- Online data bu￿ering
- Multiple users per port (with port sni￿ng)
- Telnet/SSH/Raw/RFC2217 TCP connect
- Clustering up to 1000 ports per IP
Tunneled LAN Port Management
- Secure SSH tunneling and NAT port redirection
- Secure RDP/VNC/X access to Windows /Linux/Sun
- Secure HTTP/HTTPS to browser controlled appliances
- Secure Telnet /SSH access
- Service processor access (IPMI, ILO, LOM, RSA)
- Extensible to support custom services /ports
- Configurable point-n-click SDTConnector client
- User access limited by host, and by SDT service
- Unlimited number of LAN computers/appliances
- Unlimited number of connections per SSH session
Power Management
- Embedded Network UPS Tools & PowerMan
- UPS/RPC monitoring, graphing, alarms
- Connect Serial and USB connected UPS/RPC
VCMS System Management
- KVM Interface Internal Thin Client
- Secure Web management (HTTP, HTTPS)
- Command Line interface (Linux Shell)
- ARP-PING (IP assignment)
- SNMP, SMS, and email alerts
Other Protocols Supported
- DHCP for dynamic IP assignment
- NTP for time synchronization
- PPP for dial up access
- NAT port redirection
- RFC2217- Port Redirection
- Network UPS Tools
Installation Requirements
Opengear's VCMS can be run as a guest under Linux Kernel-based
Virtual Machine, VMware ESX, VMware ESXi, VMware Server.
The host may be a physical machine that you administer, a managed
server or a cloud hosting service from a hosting provider.
Hardware Requirements
500MHz CPU core
4GB disk space
. In addition, the following virtual devices are required:
* Disk device SATA (VMware) or IDE (Linux KVM)
* E1000 compatible Ethernet NIC, bridged
The Opengear VCMS is released as a firmware upgrade file (*.bin) and
a full image (*.gz). The full image is used for the initial deployment.
Firmware upgrade files are used thereafter for upgrades
- Flash upgradeable - free from online FTP site
- FTP, TFTP client for file transfer
Part Number
All Regions
VCMS VCMS License Key (VMware and Linux KVM)
Medical Devices
Smart Grid
Energy Devices
Point of Sale
Remote Sites
Branch O￿ces
Network, Internet,
VPN, Custom APN
Environmental Monitoring


Simply point and click from a browser to securely
connect to any device on your network
Power Distribution
USA Head O￿ce
630 West 9560 South Suite A
Sandy, UT 84070
+1 888 346 6853
Australian O￿ce
Benson House Suite 44
2 Benson Street
Toowong QLD 4066
+61 7 3871 1800
UK O￿ce
Herschel House
58 Herschel Street
Slough, SL1 1PG, UK
+44 776 6866159