BSC 307  Cognitive Recognition Sample Lesson - Genetic Engineering Sample Lesson


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BSC 307 Cognitive Recognition Sample Lesson

Title: “
Reebop Genetic Engineering

Grade Level:


Objectives: TSWBAT…

1. Identify
the purpose of genetic engineering

Describe the process of genetic engineering

Illinois State L
earning Standards:

ILS Stage I

12 A 3

Activity Description:

After a brief review of Mendel’s Laws and Reebop genetics, students are
introduced to the benefit of breeding Reebops with two humps

Students are
given a copy of the activity and envelopes c
ontaining chromosomes from one
male and one female Reebop, electricity, and a plasmid. The students then
‘mate’ the Reebops, and are responsible for removing unwanted alleles and
replacing them with a plasmid containing the preferred alleles.



Assessment will be based on completion of activity, end of class discussion, and

a portion of

the genetics unit test


Students struggle with the

concept of genetic engineering
. The Reebops provide
a physical, hands
on experience
of multiple exceptions.


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