World Ocean Day Yr 7 activity

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World Ocean

, June 8 2013

Year 7 C&S Activity

To help celebrate this day, and to develop awareness of the importance of our oceans
and the issues that are affecting them in the DC community, Year 7 students are invited
to create a poster on our

Your poster is to focus on one of the issues listed below that are affecting our oceans:


Unsustainable Fishing

Endangered Species

Habitat Loss


Tourism and Development

Inadequate Protection and Governance

Aquaculture (farm fishi

Invasive Species

Climate Change

Offshore Drilling (oil and gas)

You will need to

conduct some research on your chosen topic. You poster should

An explanation of the issue and where it is happening

Some factual information about the issue

ails about why it is important that we do something about this issue

Ideas on what we can do, as individuals, to address this issue

Ideas on what governments can do to address this issue

Consider including diagrams, maps and pictures.

Your poster must be


size, and do make sure your poster is colourful and interesting!

You will need to print your poster and submit it to your Learning Advisor on or before
Thursday June 6. Poster will be displayed in school the following week.

If you complete this
task, you can add it as a part of your C&S Programme:

as Creativity

because you need to create and design your poster

and Service

because creating awareness about this event, and providing details
about the issues that we face in our oceans, how it aff
ects us, and what we can do
about it, is a good thing for our global community.

Learning Outcomes will definitely include “Play a role in addressing an issue of
global importance” and possibly others.

Ask your Learning Advisor, Dean or Mr Muir if they can

be your supervisor for this