To: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar

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To: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar

Immediate Office of the Secretary

1849 C Street, NW

Washington, DC 2024

Protect Our Nation’s Wild Salmon Stronghold in Bristol Bay from Offshore Drilling

Dear Secretary Salazar,

Energy independence, climate change, and the cost of fuel are topics currently on many Americans minds and
I recognize you have tough decisions to make regarding offshore drilling in our nation’s oceans. You are faced
with reviewing current and new Outer C
ontinental Shelf (OCS) leasing programs that call for a
expansion of leasing in our nation’s Arctic waters, including the fish
rich Bristol Bay and southeast Bering Sea.
As you work to
chart a new course for our nation
’s energy future

I urge you
not to purs
ue drilling in

Bay and to undertake an aggressive transition towards renewable energy.

Bristol Bay and the southeast Bering Sea stand out as an area within our nation’s Outer Continental
Shelf that demands protection
due to the tremendo
us ecological, economic, and cultural value of the
renewable fisheries resources that exist here. Bristol Bay is home to the world’s largest wild run of sockeye
salmon. The area targeted for leasing falls directly within important marine habitat for salmon

from Bristol Bay
and throughout western Alaska.

The Fourth of July marks the height of salmon season in Bristol Bay. Right now, millions of sockeye or red
salmon are returning to their home streams to spawn. These fish recently swam through waters that a
currently slated for leasing. Bristol Bay salmon support thousands of fishermen from across Alaska, the west
coast, and other parts of the nation who descend on this remote region every summer to harvest the “red gold.”
The fishery represents a multi
llion dollar industry whose impact is felt across the country. Salmon are also
the life
blood of local village economies and support centuries old subsistence traditions of the Native cultures
in western Alaska.

You have the opportunity to halt the sale
of marine waters that are vital to the future health of Bristol Bay’s
magnificent wild salmon and the livelihoods, cultures, and valuable industry they sustain.

During your reconsideration of the 2007
2012 OCS Leasing Program as required by the DC Court
Appeals decision, I urge you to modify the program by removing the Bristol Bay sale scheduled for
2011 (North Aleutian Basin Lease Sale 214). I also urge you not to include Bristol Bay in any new OCS
Leasing Program and to work with the President to pur
sue a solution for permanent protection.

Thank you

for your recent visit to Alaska and Bristol Bay, and
your consideration of these comments.