Heavy Oil Technology Centre

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Heavy Oil

Heavy oil research
The Heavy Oil Technology Centre in Canada is Statoil’s first technology centre
outside Norway and represents a long-term investment in Canada and the heavy
oil industry. Located in Calgary, Alberta, the centre is undertaking research and
technology development to support the company’s heavy oil business worldwide.
A key focus of the centre, which draws on
the expertise of the whole Statoil group,
is the development of new technologies
that will result in lower green house gas
emissions and a reduced environmental
Exploring technology options
• We are developing advanced imaging
and monitoring technologies for
improved reservoir simulation models,
to identify the most promising
locations for bitumen production. A
good understanding of the reservoir,
combined with leading-edge drilling
processes, will ensure that Statoil
produces the maximum resource
• Investigating recovery techniques
such as solvent co-injection and in-situ
combustion could lead to significant
reductions in water and energy use,
compared to Steam Assisted Gravity
Drainage (SAGD).
• Optimizing SAGD through the design
of advanced process controls and
novel methods to distribute steam, will
reduce water use and carbon dioxide
emissions in Statoil’s operations.
• Designing improved water treatment
processes for surface facilities to
reduce chemical use and the amount
of make-up water needed to generate
steam. Statoil’s goal is to recycle more
than 90% of the water we use.
• Investigating energy efficiency
measures ranging from waste heat
capture to renewable energy options
will reduce the carbon dioxide
emissions resulting from bitumen
• Developing new environmental
monitoring tools to detect the long-
term effects of SAGD operations on
surface water quality, and local flora
and fauna, will help Statoil to maintain
its role as the world’s most sustainable
SOLVE pilot project
• The Steam-Solvent Co-Injection
(SCI) Project (SOLVE), conducted
in partnership with Schlumberger,
seeks to develop, optimize, and
commercialize Statoil’s solvent-
steam hybrid technology. Extensive
field testing will begin in early 2012,
following on the results from an
extensive research and development
program. Solvent-assisted processes
have the potential to increase bitumen
recovery while reducing water use
and carbon dioxide emissions over
conventional SAGD technology.
• The SOLVE project was awarded CAD
$6 million in 2009 by Sustainable
Technology Development Canada
to assist in developing and piloting
SOLVE, with the end goal of reducing
the environmental impacts of in situ oil
sands recovery.
The scope of the climate challenge facing the world means that all players, including Statoil,
must consider whether they are doing enough, and whether they have the appropriate
means to reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide.
- Helge Lund, Statoil CEO
Learn more about our technology projects at www.statoil.com

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