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Warm Up

Extemp Questions

Round 1

Speaker 1

1. Is the recession really over?

2. Has Obama lost his edge?

3. Will Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s
Rally to Restore Sanity be
a success?

Speaker 2

1. Does Christine O’Donnell have a chance?

2. Is the
Republican Plan for America a good idea?

3. Are supertrains the future of commerce and transportation?

Speaker 3

1. Will legalizing marijuana help California’s economy?


Will the GOP retake the House and Senate in the Midterm Elections?

Is Rahm Emman
uel’s leaving the White House a good thing or a bad thing for the administration?

Speaker 4

1. Is Whitman the next Governor of California?

2. Will the White House shakeup of it’
s economic team lead to better financial policy

3. Is the Tea Party the new

face of conservatism or just a temporary flash in the pan?

Speaker 5

1. Is Obama a one term president?

2. What should the government do to create more jobs?

3. What is the future of DADT?

Speaker 6

1. Did Obama squander his political capital on

2. Are we heading for a double
dip recession?

3. Will Prop. 23 pass in California?

Speaker 7

1. What will be Arnold’s legacy as Governor of California?

2. Is Glenn Beck preparing to run for higher office?

3. Should Obama select Hillary a
s hi
s 2012 running mate?

Warm Up

Extemp Questions

Round 2

Speaker 1

1. Are newspapers dead?

2. Is it time to leave Afghanistan?

3. What can be done to stop cyberbullying?

Speaker 2

1. Can Obama breathe new life into the Mideast East Peace talks?

2. Will

Kim Jong Il’s son be able to control North Korea?

3. Should companies rethink their approach to large mining operations?

Speaker 3

1. What should the international community do to combat al Qaeda?

2. Should the U.S. continue its use of the Predator
drone in combat operations?

3. Is Iran becoming too aggressive?

Speaker 4

1. What should the U.S. to prevent potential cyber attacks from China?

2. Will Israel continue to build settlements on the West Bank?


Can offshore drilling ever be completely sa
fe for the environment?

Speaker 5

1. Is the mission in Iraq really accomplished this time?

2. Has Europe recovered from the global recession?

3. Should the U.S. be worried about Pakistan?

Speaker 6

1. Will current attempts by the U.S. to ease trade imba
lances with China work?

2. Will Iraq’s government be able to survive a full U.S. withdrawal?

3. What is the future of Net Neutrality?

Speaker 7

1. Has Obama earned his Nobel Prize since receiving it last year?

2. Is it time for the military to begin cl
osing some of its military bases in foreign countries?

3. Is Russia becoming a dictatorship?