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Critique on


Vikas Rajegowda


The presentation puts forward a framework to facilitate scientific collaboration on the semantic
web. This novel technology will be of great help to the researchers, as they can spend their
valuable time on thei
r research work instead of wasting time on searching for information related
to their research.

It enables sharing of information and resources to achieve a shared vision.

CoCo is based on two technologies Semantic Web and

Semantic Web

is an e
xtension to the current web technology with the addition of intelligence.
The additional information is stored in such a way that machines can use this information to make
intelligent decisions.


on the other hand is a specification of the concepts
. It enables a formal description of
the concepts and has axioms,
types, classes, subclasses, memberships

to specify the relationships
between the concepts in an unambiguous manner.

Earlier, researchers used to communicate via telephone, telegraph, fax an
d so on. Now after the
advent of internet, researchers communicate via emails, online chat and web. Even though the
position of the researchers is much better now, still there is space for improvement. This is mainly
because the information in the World Wi
de Web is not organized.

Currently the researchers have no tool in their hand that would enable them to have easy access to
all related data. They have to waste a lot of time searching for the information on the web,
following the links in a random way.
The presenter has come up with a very good solution to aid
the researchers with a tool that will make their life easy and save their precious time.

enables to add intelligence into the current web in such a way that all related information in the
al web is linked.
Its enables one to identify the potential peers and in turn enables

all the
researchers with same interests to come together and share information, which will greatly
improve their throughput.

Even though CoCo has the potential to solve
the problem using Semantic Web and Ontology. It
tends to make the global web technology much more complex and entangled with links. This
complexity should be handled very carefully and this means additional over head on the whole

Is Ontology powe
rful enough to enable specification of all complex relationships among the

in an unambiguous way

One also needs to see the effect of CoCo technology on the overall web traffic and its impact on
the current internet architectures. If it does affec
t the internet architectures, to what extent? Will
it be feasible to make changes to the internet architectures to accommodate CoCo?