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Dr. Shimon Modi received his Ph.D. in Technology in 2008 from Purdue University. Dr.
Modi’s Ph.D. dissertation focused on statistical testing and analysis of fingerprint sensor
interoperability on system performance. He has a Master’s degree in Technology
specialization in Information Security from the Center for Education and Research in
Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS), and a Bachelor's degree in Computer
Science from Purdue University. Dr. Modi was the Director of Research of the Biometri
Standards, Performance and Assurance Laboratory at Purdue University for 2 years and
Visiting Biometrics Scientist with Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C
DAC), Mumbai, India.

Dr. Modi’s interests reside in application of biometrics to e
uthentication, statistical
analysis of system performance, enterprise level information security, and standards
development. Dr. Modi has co
written and contributed to 3 published books, published 2
journal articles and 11 conference proceedings. Dr. Modi
was a co
investigator on a 2009
2010 DHS S&T Grant awarded to Purdue titled “Enhancing High Fidelity Ten Print
Capture for Department of Homeland Security Applications”.

Dr. Modi has been involved in biometric standards, both at the national and internat
level. Dr. Modi has been a member of the U.S. delegation to ISO JTC1 SC37 biometrics
standards committee as well as the technical editor for the BioAPI
Java project at