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5 Φεβ 2019 (πριν από 6 μήνες και 13 μέρες)

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Physiotherapy Clinic Singapore
Had a great 2 months with our intern
@dominiclyq from @sithealthsciences
@sitphysiotherapy who’s about to embark on
his 3rd year! Glad to be part of your learning
journey in learning more about musculoskeletal
and sports patients; getting hands-on practice
on our understanding helphealsg patients and
pitchside work for @singaporerugby. :) Have a
great year in school and all the best in your
future endeavours!
We also had the opportunity to host an intern from University of Canberra
completing his Bachelor of Excercise Physiology and Rehabilitation. Hope you
had a good experience Greg! Also many thanks to our patients who didn’t mind
the interruptions and Jargons during their sessions! He also got a chance to be
part of the Medical team for the Women’s Div 1 championship between
Singapore, India and Philippines, thanks to his internship with the Singapore
Rugby Union @singaporerugby! See you around!
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