Web Page Design in PHP

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Web Page Design in PHP

The above design is what I am planning to have. Here are how it works.




OntoSem File:

TMR File :

Text box for file name

Button to



Content of the TMR

Copy of the TMR file


Button to Save
the output file to
local directory

Link to acces the
ontoSem file

When OntoSem browse button is clicked, it will take in a file from the loc
al directory,
and save the content in a php array, and then call a perl object, then pass the array into
thee perl object’s subroutine and save to perl object’s array.

What I mean by that is something like:


phpArray = content of the file;


= new Perl();

//call perl subroutine, and save the phpArray content to perl array in the


//Print subroutine return an array to php to display in the list control box

phpOutputarray = $perl

So, later on

when “Link to access the ontoSem file” Link is clicked, a new separate web
page will pop
up, and display the conent of the file just in plain form.

Then when TMR browse buttom is clicked, the same way as ontosem works. Instead, the
content is displayed

in the list control. Now, if the allow button in the middle is clicked,
the file should be copied to the right list control. Both controls should have verticle and
horizontal scroll bar.

The “save” output file button is to save the content in right list
control to a file.

All the above is just the first tab as the fist page “TMR
>OWL’, so do the same thing the
other two.