Skaldic verse database

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Skaldic verse database

The database provides a list of references to manuscript (ms) pages/lines for stanzas of
poetry for the edition. These are linked to images of the mss where available. Each stanza
(verse) belongs to a prose text which quotes it and/
or a poem or series of verses. Each
poems or series of verses is attributed to an author (‘Anon.’ if unknown). Contributing
editors can be responsible for texts and poems, or individual verses. In some cases, two
editors share responsibility. To assist edi
tors, the location of the prose texts in mss is also
given. There are also links to internet resources.

The database is currently in perl format, stored as both platform
dependent binary data
and platform
independent perl code. The information in the skal
ds, poems, texts, verses,
refs and links tables is derived from a text file ‘jh.txt’. The data for mss and text_mss is
entered through a web form. The data for editors is entered via a command
line script. I
have put the manuscript data into the file mss.t
xt and the image information into the file

The data will be moved to a relational database model (currently MySQL, an open source
SQL database).

About some of the data:

A set of identifiers has been created for portability. These are usually th
e keys in
the perl database and will be stored in the ‘ent’ (entity name) column in the
relevant database tables.


is the previous edition of the skaldic corpus, in two parts (A and
B) of two volumes each. Only the A references are included
here (they are
indicated by the key ‘skjref’ in the perl database).

Poems and texts are grouped for administrative purposes (‘groups’ column).

Notes are usually in the perl database under the ‘#’ or ‘notes’ keys.

Verses are numbered. In some cases, the num
bering in the standard editions is a
bit strange, so I suggest using floating
point numbers.

Siglum is the conventional manuscript identifier (‘sig’ in the perl db).

Quality level for images is ‘b’ unless otherwise specified.

Most pages are refered to by t
he leaf (‘folio’) number and the side (‘recto’ for the
front side, ‘verso’ for the back side). In order to retain the order, .1 and .2 should
be used for the recto and verso sides (e.g. page (fol.) 44r becomes ‘44.1’ and 913v
becomes ‘913.2’.

Columns numbe
rs (always ‘a’ and ‘b’) are specified with the page reference (eg.
44vb for the second column on the verso side of folio 44). These should be
removed and put in the ‘col1’/ ‘col2’ columns.