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Perl collective

7th scientific exposition »EXPOSCIENCE«

28th of May

7th of June 2004

The collective PERL (Pour une Exposcience en Région Lorraine

for an Exposcience
in Lorraine) organises his 7th scientific exposition » EXPOSCIENCE«, during an
nternational Market. This exposition will take place from the 28th of May until the 7th
of June 2004 at Nancy. (France)

The exposition is addressed to all educational levels (from primary to university) or
to all associations, clubs, leagues… Different
subjects are aborded: mathematics,
physics, chemistry, biology, geology, universe, environment, but also social and
medical sciences. The subject has to be presented by a group of young people,
who are accompanied by an adult. Fo
r all young people with scientific or
technological passions, this exposition is the moment to present their realisations to
a large public.

This year the theme of the International Market Nancy 2004 is the entering of
the ten countries of Ce
ntral and Oriental Europe. These countries will be invited
and honoured during the market. The collective PERL invites 10 groups, one from
each new European country, to come and expose their subject and its
realisation within the framewo
rk of the exposition »EXPOSCIENCE«. Each
delegation exists in 4 young people and an adult companion. The collective PERL
bears the cost of all travelling expenses.

The groups interested in this project, schools or associations, are invited to sign
up as soon as possible. To be registered, each group has to deliver a brief
presentation of: the organisation (school, association, club…), the group, the
project / subject, the age and gender of the participants and companion, education

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