Page Pairer 3.2 Scripting Release

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Page Pairer 3.2

Scripting Release

Setting up Page Pairer 3.2 Scripting Release

Install Page Pairer 3.2 Scripting using the installer file “Page Pairer 3.2 Scripting.exe” found on the
Farrukh Systems web site or installation CD.

After installation the
folder Program Files
Page Pairer
scripts will be created, containing one
file called This is a sample Perl script which will run an update query against a MySQL
database. For this to work correctly, the following items are required:


Perl must be installed on the same volume as Page Pairer, specifically perl.exe should be in
bin folder.


The relevant Perl modules for MySQL must be installed.


The script needs to be edited as follows:

Line 135


need to be uncommented, and
altered to reflect specific database settings specific to
your needs;

# my $dbh = DBI
>connect("DBI:mysql:database=Scripting Test;host=localhost",

# "root", "",

# {'RaiseError' => 1});

Line 149

needs to be
uncommented, and the correct table and field names should be entered;

# my $query = "REPLACE INTO Job_Table SET complete=1,
', time_complete=
', status_id=8,



Page Pairer will search for the GhostScript executable “gswin32c” at startup, which is required for
thumbnail previewing. Only if GhostScript is found will previewing be available. Also note that the
more data the
re is on the drive, the longer the search will take.

Also note that Page Pairer will spawn a new GhostScript process for each thumbnail that needs to be
generated. This may consume significant amounts of system resources depending on the size and
number o
f the individual page files.

Each preview file will only be created once

if a new page with the same name is submitted, the first
preview file must be deleted for a new one to be created. The preview files are all stored in <Queue
Preview, a
nd have a format of <original file name>.jpg.

Created Perl Scripts

Page Pairer will spawn a new Perl process for each file it finds in the ppserver
scripts folder. This is
done every time Page Pairer updates its internal queue data. Copying non

files to this folder may
cause unpredictable results.

Supplied Scripts

The supplied scripts have been updated to allow a larger image of completed pairs and waiting pages to
be displayed when clicked, on the queue progress page.