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Sales Force Automation is an enterprise’s first step towards
Customer Relationship Management

Business Process Defined

Sales Force Automation integrates the Opportunity to Order Process
and protects the businesses Tacit Contact capital

Entities in Sales Process









Business Houses, Resellers and competitors that effect your products

People associated with your various Accounts

Multiple physical locations where your accounts have presence

Various enquiries that are associated with your accounts

Business houses that follow the same Opportunities as you

Your Sales Team that locates Opportunities and converts them

Actions taken by Sales Force to convert Opportunities into Orders


Your company’s drivers and decision makers

Typical Sales Organization

Questions Not Answered


What Opportunities is the enterprise following right now?


What is the status and size of those Opportunities?


What is the Competition in those Opportunities?


What is the total Pipe Size of Opportunities being chased?



What are the Issues in those Opportunities that swing it either ways?

What is the probability that the Opportunities will be converted into orders?

Management’s Dilemma


What Opportunities is the enterprise following right now?


Pipe Size and Current Planning Cycle Funnel not known


Lack of Competition insight results in loss of Orders


With no pipe size pre
knowledge, forecasting becomes a difficult exercise




Erroneous forecasting leads to Cash Flow problems

Holistic view of Accounts is not available

Sales Personnel take contact and account data out when they leave

The Solversa Sales Force Automation Solution

The EPC Sales Force Automation (SFA)
application addresses all pain areas in the
Sales Process and increases process

SFA binds all entities of the Sales Process to provide a holistic picture

Is a powerful tool for trapping all opportunities and following up the same

Provides consolidated data on pipe and funnel size, issues, competition, etc.

Keeps the enterprise’ Contact Capital secure

Provides holistic view of each and every account

Provides consolidated data for data mining and trend analysis

Is the first step in knowing your Customers and your CRM initiative

Welcome to Solversa’s
Sales Force Automation

The Entry Screen of

Solversa SFA

Map your Multiple Branch


Multiple Masters for

Customizing the SFA

To your Industry

Create Multiple

Sales Personnel

Map Sales Personnel’s



Create Multiple

Sales Processes for
different types of

For each Sales

Process, map the

Various Sales Steps

Along with the conversion

Create multiple

Product categories

The E
PartsCenter Sales Force

Automation Application

Has an intuitive User Interface

Important functions
can be accessed by
Action Icons

All Action Icons are
explained on all
relevant screens

Common Navigation
theme across the

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