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Home Automation

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What Is It?

Turning devices on and off remotely

Scheduling devices to operate according
to a pre
programmed routine

Remote monitoring and adjustment to
programming (requires a host PC running
Windows XP Pro)

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How Does It Work

There are two basic types. The first type

transmits signals over the existing home

electrical wiring. The second type uses

wireless transmission. All involve a master

controller and at least one slave device.

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Example Simple Setup

One controller, either plug in or hand held.

One or more slave modules to include a
plug in lamp module, screw in light
module, and/or an appliance module.

Using these items, you can remotely
control turning on and off of lights, coffee
maker, crock pot, etc

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Example Intermediate Setup

One or more controllers

PC with powerline interface running a
home automation program. One end of
the PLI would plug into a USB port on the
PC and the other would plug into the wall

Various modules with which to control
outside and inside lighting, ceiling fans,
appliances, etc

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Example High End Setup

Everything in the intermediate setup plus:

A control panel capable of controlling
devices to include a security system and a
HVAC system over dedicated wiring

Touch panel screens

A means of remote access either thru the
home PC or control panel web server.

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Other Things You Can Do

Remote/Local turning on and off of lawn
sprinkler system

R/L turning on and off of spa

R/L turning on and off of pool pump

R/L control of electric door locks