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Phase Dos

Proposed by Dash and Jarrett

How do we move forward?

Test phase I

Finish phase I by deadline for Imagine RIT

Make a prototype for phase II


decide on design


characteristics analysis


IR lighting




small scale tests?


time management

Group Requirements for Phase II

Illumination Group:

LED's with In
fared Light

No use in using UV light due the camera not being able to pick up
most of the light reflecting off.

Camera Group:

Camera needs to be 264mm away from the ground and needs the
proper mount on a rigid structure.

Structure Group:

Lights must be equidistant from the subject.

The structure needs to be quick and flexible to other requirements.

Programming Group:

Camera needs to be compatible with Lab


Color Science Dome (

Half Arc Concept

3. Rotating

Geodesic Color Science Dome

easy to assemble

relatively cheap (roughly $100 from

easy to adapt for our specific use

limited fabrication

1 meter diameter (customizable)

uses approximately 24 lights

Rotating Half Arc

Relatively not complex wiring


Quicker PTM process than the
rotating arm but slower than the
color science dome due to the
automation (180 degree rotation)

Uses 7 lights

Rotating Arm Design

Rotating arm that descends from the camera to the ground covering the angles
necessary for lights on the PTM.

Also the flexibility of the single arm can photograph sections of larger objects
rather than being constricted to the radius of the arm.

Uses 3 light points will be configured to the arm and be able to show IR lighting.

The automation and mechanical part for attaching the arm is complicated

Survey results for designs