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Small is Beautiful
Campbell Angus
Drupal Downunder – January 2012
I’m Dangerous, and happy!
• Friend, cousin, aunt or someone that can 'build you a
website'? That was me.
• Built an Ubercart site - took 2 weeks, free themes and able to
be maintained by my father
• What I'm not: a developer, a graphic designer, a sysadmin,
• BUT, with enough time, and the great forums on DO, I built
servers, implemented Aegir, hacked themes and built sites
• What does that make me?
– Blissfully ignorant, and very dangerous!

Made 10 phone calls – got an appointment: FastDesign

About FastDesign
• Amazing Online Stores & Websites
• Initial focus: SME
• End-to-end solution
– Design, build, customisation, SEO, hosting, support
• We now have a broad(ening) client base
– Retailers, schools, unis, internationals, services, blogs, community
• Now white labeling our services, and consulting
• All staff work from home - benefits and challenges
• Outsource some design, theme conversion and development
Client Management Lessons
• Managing expectations from the get-go
• Clients work to our rules, not their expectations
• Exceptions - something new and shiny!
– Hey look - there's a module for that.....
• The impact of exceptions
– Platform management
– Tech support
– Client support
• Choice can be bad - Eg payment gateways
• So, sometimes (and with increasing frequency) I say 'no‘ to new clients

BUT, occasionally exceptions or feature requests can lead to great new
options for our product offerings

Hosting Infrastructure
• A happy sysadmin
• A good hosting partner
• 450 GB of data per month and growing
• CDN – 20 clients use about 80% of bandwidth
• 26 servers – load-balancing, caching, web apps, db,
management, backup etc
• Rebuild from bare metal in <1 hr with two commands
• Aegir – 500 sites – access for outsource partners

Contribute patches, hack uc_ssl etc.

Case Study – 150,000 visits in an hour
• Product featured on TodayTonight with experts commenting on the effects of radiation on the
– Lead time of a month, with 2 days notice of airing
– Prep for 150k visitors in an hour
• Challenge
– Zero impact on other clients
– Cache as much as possible
– Session management
– SSL pages
– Ubercart checkout page
• Solution
– Performance stack, SQL read only db, memchached, APC, Varnish, nginx
– CDN to offload all but page HTML
– Anon until a product added to cart
– Optimization of SSL handling process
• Result
– Watching the spike - NSW, VIC, SA, WA
– 60k visits in an hour
– 1,000s of orders
Thank you.