Biotechnology Video Discussion Questions


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Biotechnology Video Discussion Questions

Genetic Modification

What are some possible future uses of genetic technology?

We could change the physical appearances of our children and also stop diseases from occurring.


If future technology allows it
, do you think parents should be able to choose specific
characteristics for their babies?

No I don’t think they should be able to choose specific characteristics of their children because
that would make it unfair for the parents who cant afford genetic

3. Do the benefits of new genetic tools outweigh the risks?

The benefits don’t outweigh the risks because the success rate of genetic engineering is low and
it would increase the gap between the middle class and the upper class.

Gene Therapy

and Breast Tumors

What effect do mutations have on the growth factor receptors of cells and, ultimately, on cell

What two clues led Dr. Slamon to his discovery of the relationship between oncogenes and
breast tumors?

What did Dr. Slamon
's experiment on hairless mice demonstrate about the effect of genetically
engineered antibodies on tumors?

Classical vs. Transgenic Breeding

For what kind of characteristics have food crops been selectively bred?

What are some examples of harmful
effects of selective breeding?

Super Salmon

What allows transgenic salmon to grow in winter?

What are some possible consequences of transgenic salmon escaping from their pens into the
ocean population?

How might transgenic salmon affect the e
volution of other salmon populations?

Do you think the FDA should give Aqua Bounty permission to grow and sell transgenic
salmon? Why or why not?