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For more information contact Patrick Quinn – pquinn@webapper.com
– 970.223.2278
Webapper Services, LLC, presents:

ColdFusion SAT (Server Administration Training)

Overview: For any Web-based application, the underlying application server is literally the foundation upon which it
operates. And yet even application server vendors themselves acknowledge that these servers are “black boxes”.
Webapper’s ColdFusion SAT (Server Administration Training) addresses this problem by providing expert training in all
aspects of installing, configuring and maintaining high-performing, high-availability ColdFusion servers (including
“multi-server” JRun installations). The knowledge provided in the training covers all technologies that comprise a Web
application (O/S, Web server, network, physical machine specs, JRE/JVM, etc.), and is derived directly from
Webapper’s global consulting practice, which has provided enterprise consulting services to the world’s largest
ColdFusion and JRun applications and environments since 1999. The training is modular, and is designed to be tailored
to the specific needs of the attendees.

The class runs 3-5 days, depending on the modules selected. The 3-day offering is recommended for smaller
applications (first 4 sections below). The 5-day offering is intended for larger applications, and especially those
utilizing load balancing and/or fail over solutions, and multi-instance installations. Below is a brief summary of some
of the topics covered:

ColdFusion Server in the Enterprise (1/2 day)

 Overview of Web-based applications
 Overview of ColdFusion Web applications
 Overview of J2EE and its meaning for Web-based applications
 Overview of ColdFusion 7’s server-level features (multiple instances, clustering, gateways, etc.)
 Q&A

Installing ColdFusion MX (1 day)

 Stand-alone, J2EE Multi-Instance and J2EE EAR-WAR installations
 Choosing the right installation mode for your application’s needs
 Choosing the right hosting configuration (server specs, network configuration, etc.)
 Installing ColdFusion MX
 Q&A

ColdFusion MX Administrator (1 day)

 Overview of all ColdFusion Administrator settings
 Overview of important JRun Management Console settings for multi-instance configurations
 Customizing ColdFusion Administrator for your applications and environment
 ColdFusion Administrator vs. JRun Management Console for multi-instance installations
 Application server tuning & monitoring with SeeFusion™
 Q&A

Log Files & Logging (1/2 day)

 Overview of logging options for ColdFusion and JRun
 Customized logging options, including application-level logging
 Creating a log management strategy to suit your Enterprise
 Q&A

The Java Virtual Machine (1 day)

 Overview of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), Java Developer’s Kit (JDK) and Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
 Java memory allocation and utilization
 Java thread management
 Java garbage collection
 JVM tuning—heap size, generation sizing, garbage collection, etc.
 Comparison of JVM vendors
 Q&A

Creating High Availability Environments with ColdFusion MX (1 day)

 Overview of hardware/software load balancing and fail over solutions
 Using ColdFusion’s Instance Manager and Cluster Manager
 Integrating ColdFusion with a supported hardware load-balancing device
 Managing J2EE session state in a load-balanced environment
 Application server tuning & monitoring with SeeFusion™
 Q&A