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Plesk Panel Power Pack
Data Sheet
Parallels Plesk Panel Power Pack

Add-on to Parallels Plesk Panel installs popular software tools
and resellable services with your initial control panel installation
or as an easy upgrade later.
Power Plesk Panel Power Pack now includes premium
commercial antivirus protection, tools for creating and managing
mobile websites, and tools for monitoring and managing
Parallels Plesk Panel servers from an iPhone, Android or
BlackBerry smartphone. Power Pack gives your customers the
tools that they need, and helps you

to expand your offering and grow your business.
Benefits of Parallels Plesk Panel Power Pack:
If you’re using using Parallels Plesk Panel to manage your server, Power Pack adds
premium tools to your environment to help you manage, access and protect your server.
If you’re a Web designer using Parallels Plesk Panel to manage multiple Web sites, Power
Pack enables additional functionality for those site, and let’s you offer Website rendering
for mobile devices as an additional service.
Shared Web Hosters can up-level their offerings with Power Pack tools, and earn
additional recurring revenue with included SaaS applications. Power Pack gives your
customers the tools that they need, and helps you differentiate your service plans and
grow your business.
With Parallels Plesk Panel Power Pack you can:
Monitor and Manage Servers From Your Smartphone
Parallels Plesk Mobile Server Manager
allows access Parallels Plesk Panel server
information and to control core administrative functions from iPhone, Android and
BlackBerry devices. Offer your customers free Plesk Server Mobile Monitoring and offer
Plesk Server Mobile Management to upsell Parallels Plesk Panel Power Pack.
Protect your users from viruses and other malicious intrusions
Kaspersky Antivirus
is award winning e-mail antivirus scanning software from Kaspersky
Labs that combines traditional anti-virus defense methods with the latest proactive
technologies to provide solid and dependable protection against malicious programs,
viruses, spyware, Trojan viruses, worms, and keyloggers.
Published January 2012
North America
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Renton, Washington 98057
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81829 Munich
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Easily Render Websites for Mobile Devices
UNITY Mobile
is an extremely powerful yet easy-to-use platform that enables

any organization to create, publish, and manage mobile websites and native mobile
applications. Offer customers mobile rendering of their websites that sets up in minutes.
Let Developers have the best Java tools
is the Servlet container that provides the environment for executing Java Servlets.
The Tomcat add-on supports deploying and managing Tomcat web applications allowing
users to set up hosting with JSP support. This support allows you to deploy a wide range
of Java based applications.
Make customers stickier with a ColdFusion environment
is one of the most popular development environments on the market. When
an application uses ColdFusion, the end customer sticks with it longer. Using this

add-on module, admins can configure ColdFusion paths and enable/disable ColdFusion
support in the setup.
Support popular databases
PostgreSQL or MSSQL add-ons
include web-based database administration software
(like phpPgAdmin), giving users remote access to their databases. With one of the world’s
most advanced relational database management systems, Power Pack enables users to
deploy and manage databases right from the user interface with a few clicks.
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