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Company Backgrounder

Background Since 1993, PaperThin has helped customers to communicate, share and deliver
information efficiently and effectively.

PaperThin has developed strategic client server and intranet applications that have
helped Fortune 1000 companies such as AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Fidelity
Investments, Bank of New York and Lotus to more productively publish, manage and
share business-critical information. PaperThin’s content management solutions have
helped organizations of all sizes to significantly reduce the time and expense involved in
creating, updating and managing Web content.

In 1998, PaperThin introduced its first commercially available content management
solution, Compass Publisher. The seventh generation of the product, now called
CommonSpot Content Server, was released in February 2003. CommonSpot Content
Server 3.2 provides empowering Web authoring, content management and knowledge
sharing and discovery capabilities necessary in the development, deployment and
maintenance of today’s business-critical Web sites.

CommonSpot Content Server is the most fully featured Macromedia ColdFusion-based
Web publishing and content management solution on the market today, providing a
comprehensive, out-of-the-box, framework that enables organization to empower their
content contributors.

As organizations increasingly look to shift the responsibility for creating and managing
Web content to the content owners, without sacrificing control, PaperThin’s market
continues to grow steadily. CommonSpot Content Server is used by more than 150
organizations of all sizes worldwide including AFL-CIO, Arizona State University, Biogen,
Booz Allen Hamilton, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Gillette, Kent State
University, Mayo Clinic, Northrop Grumman and many others.

PaperThin’s select network of business partners extends globally. Partners include
industry leading Web design and development firms, Macromedia ColdFusion consulting
firms, value added resellers, interactive agencies, software manufacturers, hosting
companies and training firms worldwide. PaperThin markets its software solution through
both its direct and partner-based sales and professional services organizations to
customers around the world. As a Macromedia technology and consulting partner,
PaperThin is an active member of the ColdFusion community.

PaperThin, Inc. is a privately held, profitable Massachusetts-based company, with clients
and partners worldwide, and the proud winner numerous industry awards.

Headquarters 300 Congress Street, Suite 303
Quincy, MA 02169 USA
Phone: 617.471.4440
Fax: 617.471.4465

Management Team

J. Todd Peters, President
Todd Peters is the President and founder of PaperThin, Inc., with over 14 years of experience designing
and developing commercial software solutions. Since 1993, Todd has directed the strategic development
of PaperThin, Inc., defined its vision, and has set the strategic initiatives required to realize that vision.
Over the past 8 years, PaperThin has evolved from a development organization offering vertical market
client server and Web application development to companies such as Lotus Development, Fidelity
Investments, AT&T, and Lucent Technologies, to a product based company offering one of the leading
content management solutions on the market today.

Mindy Daigle, Vice President of Business Development
Mindy Daigle is the Vice President of Business Development, with more than 17 years experience in
technical sales. Prior to joining PaperThin she had a lengthy career with BellSouth Corporation, in which
she held various positions including technical sales consultant, sales manager and director of product
development. Mindy joined PaperThin four years ago and since then has played a major role in
CommonSpot’s success. She has been involved with all aspects of selling and marketing CommonSpot
Content Server, and currently oversees the PaperThin Partner channel.

Jennifer Hanes, Vice President of Marketing & Operations
Jennifer Hanes is Vice President of Marketing & Operations. She has 18 years' experience running
businesses, developing and launching products, and managing business development and global
marketing efforts for both small and large companies. Prior to joining PaperThin, Jennifer was Global
Director of Marketing with Thomson Global Markets and Senior Vice President, E-Commerce at Antiques
America. Jennifer’s role within PaperThin is to develop strategic marketing initiatives and manage
business operations.

Tim Parker, Chief Architect
As Chief Architect, Tim Parker drives the technical direction and development of CommonSpot Content
Server. Tim has been with PaperThin from its inception, playing the lead architect role on numerous
enterprise development projects and all of PaperThin’s product offerings. Prior to joining PaperThin, Tim
worked as one of the lead architects with Todd Peters at Lotus Development, and has an extensive
background in object oriented programming languages, relational database design, multiple operating
systems and Internet protocols.

Select Clientele

Associations National Institute of Standards and
AFL-CIO Education
NYC Economic Development
American Academy of Arizona State University
Ophthamology Corporation
Babson College
American Academy of Oregon Department of Revenue
California Department of Education
St. Edmundsbury District Council
Canadore College
United States Army Medical
American Assoc. Occupational College of Notre Dame of Maryland
Information Systems
Health Nurses, Inc. Kent State University
American Association of Physics US Botanical Gardens
National Louis University
Teachers US Senate Restaurants
National Society for Collegiate
Westminster City Council
American Association of Scholars

Orthodontists Ohio University
American Physical Society Corporate
Parma City School District
American Psychiatric Association ATV Connection, Inc.
Richmond School District
American Society of Civil Engineers BlueTel International A/S
Rhodes College
(CE World) Treasure Valley Community College Booz Allen & Hamilton
American Society of Plastic United Nations University Business Software Alliance
Surgeons CarFax
University of Alaska, Anchorage
Association for Career and Carrefour
University of California at Irvine
Technical Education Collinson Group
Association of Corporate Treasurers Compass Group
Life Sciences
Cancer Research Foundation of Co-op America
America Dolby Laboratories
Baptist Healthcare System
Defense Research Institute designafairs GmbH
Biogen, Inc.
Epilepsy Foundation Exalt Group
East Alabama Medical Center
Financial Planning Association Gardner, Carton & Douglas
Genome Therapeutics Corporation
Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention
Grand Rapids Metropolitan Hospital
HealthTalk Interactive
Florida Association of Realtors
Gaylord Hotel Nashville
Implant Innovations
Healthcare Association of New York
Mayo Clinic
J.R. Simplot Company
Medical Group Management
Heritage Foundation
LAM Research Corporation
Institute for Democracy and
Ohio State Medical Association
Electoral Assistance
Media Awareness Network
UMass Memorial Healthcare
International Food Information
Nevada Federal Credit Union

International Right of Way Assoc.
Orlando Visitors & Convention
Architect of the Capitol
Kaiser Family Foundation
Australian Prudential Regulatory
Memphis Community
ProQuest Automotive
Forum/Memphis CAN
RS Information Systems, Inc.
Canada Mortgage and Housing
NARAL: Pro-Choice America
Sappi Fine Paper - North America
National Association of Enrolled
Sevin Rosen Funds
City of Buda, Texas
Siemens Building Technologies AG
City of Foster City, California
National Cotton Council of America
The Balsams
City of Glendale, Arizona
National Student Speech Language
Connexions Norfolk Ltd.
Hearing Association
TRW Automotive
Connexions Staffordshire Ltd.
Ontario Physical and Health
Wells Manufacturing
East Lindsey District Council
Education Association
Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc.
National Institute of Child Health &
Resources for the Future
Witter Publishing Corporation
Human Development
St. David’s Foundation
National Institute of General Medical
Wilderness Society

Copyright © 2003 PaperThin, Inc. All rights reserved.
PaperThin, Inc.
Efficient Content Management

Technical and Feature Overview

CommonSpot delivers rich feature functionality out-of-the-box, and can be easily customized to your unique
requirements. With CommonSpot, there are no limits.

Client Requirements
Technical Overview

Content is viewable from any
3.x browser including
A 100% browser-based Web application, CommonSpot is built on top of Macromedia's
Netscape Navigator and
Microsoft Internet Explorer.
ColdFusion application server. Fully featured out-of-the-box, CommonSpot can be
Microsoft Internet Explorer
implemented quickly. CommonSpot’s standards-based, open architecture and extensive
4.01 or above required to
contribute or approve
APIs allow developers to easily customize existing functionality and integrate external
applications. CommonSpot integrates with major Internet standards including J2EE, XML
Server Requirements
and Web Services. CommonSpot give you the tools you need to build exactly what you

Macromedia ColdFusion
Application Server:
- ColdFusion Professional or
Five levels of granular security, a template and object-based structure, and support for Enterprise Edition v4.5+
- ColdFusion MX
cascading style sheets enable developers to effectively lock down and control site design

Operating Systems
and access privileges. Users and groups can be managed through the CommonSpot

shareable user database, or through enterprise authentication systems including Windows
- Windows 2000 Server
- Sun/Solaris platform
NT Domain Security, and other custom authentication methods.
(Solaris 7 or 8)
CommonSpot's architecture scales to handle the most demanding Web sites. Advanced
Web Servers
features such as just-in-time page compilation and database connection caching make

- Apache
CommonSpot an effective platform for delivering mission-critical Web applications. For
- BEA WebLogic
high volume or high traffic sites, CommonSpot provides sophisticated content replication
- Common Gate Interface
- IBM WebSphere
functionality for use in a multi-server environment. Development, authoring, staging and
- Microsoft Internet
Information Server
production servers are available, allowing for flexible server configurations, whether your
- Netscape Enterprise
requirements are simple or complex.
- Sun ONE

Fast. Easy. Affordable.
Databases Supported

A summary of key product features is provided on the reverse. To learn more about
- Oracle Server
- Microsoft Access
CommonSpot’s award winning technology, visit or call us today at
- Microsoft SQL Server

Key Product Features

Content Reuse - Custom Element Definition
Complete Web Publishing Framework
CommonSpot provides a full-featured out-of-the-box framework for Web
Content contributors can enter content as an object once, and have it
publishing and content management, with all of the tools needed to published to different locations or sub-sites within a site, without having
create, update, publish, approve and manage Web content. to re-enter the content. As a single more tightly coupled object, content
can be more easily accessed and shared across pages and sub-sites.

100% Browser-Based
Content Expiration
All functionality is accessible through the browser. There is no client
Authors can easily configure the automatic expiration of content and
software to install or maintain. Responsibility for contributing content is
dictate what action will be displayed as a result, ensuring that only timely,
easily distributed across the enterprise, or extended to others outside the
relevant and valued content is presented.

Link Management
Template-Driven Web Pages
CommonSpot provides facilities to easily validate, repair and redirect
Each page in CommonSpot derives from a template. Templates in turn
links when creating deleting, moving or renaming a page. Also, content
can derive from other templates. As changes are made at one level, they
authors can conveniently view a list of referring pages and templates that
automatically propagate to all pages that are descendants of the changed
contain links to the current page.
template. Templates promote a consistent look and feel, and let users

quickly and easily build Web pages.
Simple Forms and Datasheets

Simple Forms allow non-technical users to create simple HTML forms
Granular Security
within a page and to have the results stored in the database repository
CommonSpot’s flexible, multi-level security architecture allows for the
and/or e-mailed to the form creator. The Datasheet element provides a
assignment of access and security permissions on a granular basis.
tabular view of structured information. It also offers the ability to report on
Permissions can be associated with an element, page, template and/or
pages and associated metadata custom form results, and dynamic
subsite, thus enabling the content owner to manage access and control at
custom SQL query results.
the desired level.

Section 508 Rehabilitation Act Compliance
Multi-Level Approval Workflow
CommonSpot supports compliance of the Section 508 accessibility
Organizations have the flexibility to implement an approval process,
guidelines. Administrators can enable options to require certain Section
ranging from lengthy and formal to “publish now". The approval workflow
508 specified features such as the required use of ALT tags, table
can denote a specific individual for approval, or anyone within a defined
summaries, etc.
group. Given the authority, specific approvers can bypass certain levels,

hastening the approval cycle.
NT Authentication

CommonSpot’s integration with NT Domain Security allows enterprises
Content Scheduling & Personalization
to leverage their corporate directory and login information across
CommonSpot’s powerful personalization features give authors the power intranets and extranets. Users benefit from single sign-on capabilities,
to present information based on the visitor’s interest, or need to know.
and user management is centralized under an existing NT domain
CommonSpot’s scheduling capabilities allow content to be rendered
conditionally based on the calendar, time of day, audience, browser, page

categorization or site/subsite location.
Seamless ColdFusion Integration
CommonSpot’s open architecture allows developers to leverage the

Rich Text Editing power of ColdFusion to extend and customize CommonSpot. Several
Authors can create richly formatted content with Word processing style simple interfaces allow developers to “drop in” their own custom code, or
control for fonts, style, alignment and indentation. Content copied and
easily integrate existing systems. CommonSpot even allows developers
pasted directly from Word will retain its original format. to override the rendering of CommonSpot elements, by registering their
own Custom Render Handlers.

Multi-Language Support
CommonSpot allows for the association and easy management of Cluster and Replication Support
content created in multiple languages. CommonSpot’s search interface
CommonSpot’s cluster support provides for load balancing and server
can be directed to search and return results in the appropriate fail over protection. CommonSpot also handles replication smoothly, as
language. it internally manages the task of replicating all database and file system
content to the target server on a real-time, scheduled or on-demand

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

CommonSpot supports Cascading Style Sheets, which help to ensure a
consistent look and feel throughout a site. Changes to style, fonts, sizes, Intelligent, High Performance Caching
etc. can be made in one place and incorporated automatically throughout CommonSpot's intelligent caching system automatically and
all pages that utilize the style sheet. transparently caches static versions of dynamically created pages as
appropriate. This enables a rich, adaptive assembly of pages without
compromising performance – a problem typically associated with purely
Rich Custom MetaData Support
dynamic approaches.
CommonSpot allows site managers and template creators to define and
collect custom metadata associated with certain content. This data can
then be leveraged to build simple or complex filters for generating
Enterprise Scalability and Platform Options
dynamic lists of content, such as a ‘What’s New’ section or a list of
CommonSpot's architecture scales to handle the most demanding
Internet, intranet or extranet sites. CommonSpot 3.2 utilizes the high

performance and scalability features of ColdFusion MX, and runs on the
Version History following platforms: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Sun/Solaris, and
As content is published, CommonSpot automatically maintains an audit Linux.
trail of the changes and allows for the rollback to a specified version.