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Cloudy with SaaS

Bojan Kraut

Alcyone d.o.o.

Where we are

Increasing use of technology

Fusion of services

Constant internet connection




New technology like HTML5 and rich JavaScript libraries
are used ona a daily basis

Increasing common knowledge



Gartner predicts: more that 70 billion mobile applications
downloads annually in next 2 years

Virtual nodes present on every corner (cars, homes,

Revolution in eCommerce and marketing

Personal information boundary

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Orkut, Pinterest ...

Integrated virtual and physical life

Completely new type of jobs

Devalvation of materal things???

Improved IT infrastructure

Cloud is in

What is cloud?

Today 70% of current IT investments remain focused on

leaving no resources for innovation.

Saas is better

Software as a Service (SaaS),

Platform as a Service (PaaS),

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Technology shift

Monolithic application must be refactored to suit the
needs of a cloud infrastructure

Significant use od Web Services, SOA, XML, JSON

XML is de facto standard:

ebXML, cXML, RosettaNet


All level integration

Web, Business logic, model, process, infrastructure

Everything is Web

Modern user interfaces are Web oriented

Scalable, rich, detachable

jQuery, Sencha ExtJS, Mojo, ...



Web is the natural choice for mobile applications
(Android, iPhone, BlackBerry)

Minimal maintenance needed

More users accesses web with mobile devices as with
desktops and the number is increasing

Becomming Social


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Change of services

Social CRM (SalesForce CRM, SugarCRM, ObjectVerse
Fusion CRM)

Social Project Management (Agile project

Flowr, ObjectVerse Fusion PO)

Users are accepting information different as before

Emails are dead

Autmated sync services


Future IS cloudy

Future IS green

Future IS interactive

Future IS integrated

Future IS virtual

Future IS on demand

Future IS NOW!!!

Objectverse Demo

ObjectVerse Fusion CRM

ObjectVerse Fusion PO

ObjectVerse Fusion TC

ObjectVerse Fusion DMS

ObjectVerse Fusion HD