Server 2008 (32 bit only) Setup and Installation


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Server 2008
(32 bit only)
Setup and Installation

Installation Requirements

(Hardware specifications)

Make sure server meets new hardware requirements in ShoreTel document ST
10258 issued April 13
, 2010

Install 2008 Server OS (32 bit only)

Create two Drive partitions; C:

sized at 40 Gb and remainder of HDD as D:

and format both
partitions using NTFS

Install the Win2k8 OS on drive C:

Disable DEP

Adjust Computer for Best Performance

Disable UAC

Disable Enhanced Internet Explorer Security
for Administrative users

Disable Windows Firewall in all profile categories listed

Add TecCon user ID and add it to the Administrators group

Run Windows Update and be sure to include the addition of .NET 3.5 if not already installed

Run Windows
Update a second pass to be sure all necessary updates are installed

Enable Remote Desktop

Set Automatic Updates to download but not install

Server Roles

Requirements (software)

ShoreWare servers require IIS, COM+, SMTP, and FTP. Other
required tasks include

changing the SMTP and FTP startup type to automatic.

The following sections describe the selections required at pivotal steps in the installation

process. These steps must be completed as a prerequisite to installing or upgrading

ShoreWare components discussed in this section.

NOTE: Windows Server 2008 must be activated through Microsoft before installing

ShoreWare Server and Remote Server

Application Server Role

Figure 2 displays the required roles for the Application
Server for ShoreTel. Selecting IIS

and COM+ ensures the installation of these services.

Step 1
Click the Server Manager icon on the Task bar or, select
> Programs

Administrative Tools
> Server Manager.

Step 2
In Server Manager right
and select
Add Roles
from the pop
up menu.

Note: You can also click the
Add Roles
icon on the right pane

Figure 1 Installation Windows Role Services

Step 3

In Add Roles Wizard, click
Server Roles
on the left pane.

Step 4
In the Roles pane, click
Application Server
Web Server (IIS)

Figure 2 Required Server Roles

Web Server (IIS) Role Servers

Figure 2 displays the Web Server required roles. The following Web Server (IIS) role

services should be installed.

Figure 3 Required Web Server

Step 1

Access the Web Server Role by selecting
Server Manager

Step 2
Right click on
>Add Roles

Step 3
Web Server (IIS)
> Role Services

Web Server Roles

Select all Common HTTP Features

Select all Application Development Features

Select the following Health and Diagnostics Features

HTTP Logging

Logging Tools

Request Monitor


Select all Security options

Select all Performance options

NOTE: You may need to scroll down the Web Role Server window to see all the

able options.

Management Tools

select all Management Tools options

FTP Publishing Service

select all FTP Publishing Service options

Microsoft Server Features

Figure 4 displays the Select Features Installation panel. ShoreWare requires the

of the SMTP Server.

Figure 4 Selecting SMTP Server

Microsoft Server Feature Properties

After SMTP and FTP are installed, the
startup type must be changed from manual to

automatic. The following procedure changes the startup type for

NOTE: Verify that the FTProot folder in the Inetpubs directory has at least read access.

Step 1
Access the Services table by selecting
Server Manager
> Configuration
> Services

Step 2
Open the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
Properties panel by right clicking

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
and selecting
on the context menu.

Figure 5 Selecting SMTP Properties

Figure 6 SMTP Properties panel

Step 3
on the
Startup Type
drop down menu, then

click the

Step 4
Return to the Services table.

Step 5
Open the
FTP Publishing Service
properties panel by right clicking
FTP Publishing

and selecting
on the context menu.

Step 6
on the
Startup Type
drop down menu, th
en click the

To assure that

a 2008
server (or Windows Vista/7 PC) will

allow you to do Ctl+Alt+Del

via TecView (default Win2k8

is “not configured” meaning OFF

Open group policy editor

“run gpedit.msc”

Go to Computer Configuration
Administrative Templates
>Windows Components
>Windows Logon Options

Change the setting for “Disable or enable software Secure Attention Sequence” to Enabled and Choose Services
from the drop down list

After you make the change to the Group Policy, open the

Command Prompt and run the gpupdate /force
command to refresh the policy and have your settings be applied straight away. Alternatively you can just
restart the machine.


TecView software

MySQL GUI Admin Tools

Adobe Reader v9 (then run Update fro
m Help)

*HD Tune (*only if not RAID based system)

Java (current version)



WireShark 1.2.5 (or current “stable” version

do not use beta version)

PuTTY v0.60

Create ShoreTel Installation Files folder on the D:


Copy Shoreware 9.1 or hig
her installer to that folder

Set Static IP configuration for the Ethernet NIC

Run the

Shoreware 9.1 or higher software

Installer Setup.exe file

Change the Shoreline Data folder location to D:

during setup process

Register ShoreWareDirector

Add Licenses &

Request System Key

Install single user license for TecCon account

Install System Key when received from ShoreTel (3
5 business days after request)

If CDR Archiving needed run makecdrarchive from ShoreWare Server program direc
tory and then setup in

Set SMTP size limit to 32768K (to enable recorded messages up to 60 minutes long)

IIS Admin v6
> Default SMTP Service

Run Backup batch file to establish nightly and weekly MySQL DAY file backups (Shoreware version specific). Escalate
its privileges

the Windows Scheduler
to Windows 2008 type.

Optional if needed:

Activate DHCP Server Role


Set up Predefined Options

Option 156

ShoreTel IP Phone Config, String, Code=156


Entries for options 2,3,4,6,15,156


Turn on conflict detection


Add appropriate DHCP


For Dell SBE package servers please execute an ownership transfer request to update the customer ID in Dell’s
warranty records: