About Interactive Classroom


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About Interactive Classroom

This is a great program that works thru PowerPoint and OneNote to share documents with students. What
follows is the Microsoft’s explanation of it. Following is the step by step user friendly version.

Microsoft Interactive
Classroom enhances classroom presentations by increasing student participation, helping
teachers assess student comprehension, and enabling students to personalize the information presented.

Interactive polling

In Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations,

teachers can quickly add poll slides with questions in multiple
choice, yes or no, and true or false formats. When they share their presentations in an Interactive Classroom
session, students can respond from an interactive dialog box in Microsoft Office
OneNote if they have a
network connection. Poll results are displayed on the screen instantaneously.

Real time notes on presentations

Teachers can also add text and draw on their presentation slides during a session. At the same time, students can
use OneN
ote to follow the presentation, capture their teacher's annotations, and to make their own notes in the

Start an Interactive Classroom session

You can control how students join a Microsoft Interactive Classroom session from Microsoft Office OneNote.
In a network environment you trust, you can start an Interactive Classroom session with no restrictions. If you
want to students to use a password to

join the session, you can require an access key. The most secure option is
to use an HTTPS connection with a certificate provided by your system administrator.

To start a session

(this is the step by step easy version)


In PowerPoint

open your
ion then
on the Academic tab, click

Start Session


(Optional) To change the title of the presentation, in the

box, type a title to help students find the

The PowerPoint file name is used as the default title.


(Optional) To require a password to join the session, in the
Access Key

box, type a word to use as a key.

Students must enter this key to join the session from OneNote.


(Optional) To begin the session from the currently selected PowerPoint slide, click
Start session on the
current slide

By default, sessions begin with the first slide in the presentation.


(Optional) To make this a secure session, do the following:


Make this session more secure by using HTTPS (requires certificate)


Select Certificate


Choose from a list of certificates, and then click



Click Session Details on the Ribbon to see Host Computer name to give students to
join session.


When you start the session, your computer name and the

title are sent over the network so
students can find your session.

The first time you join a session, a dialog asks you to add Interactive Classroom to the
Firewall exception list (if your administrator hasn't already done this). To allow this change, you must
be logged in with an account that has administrator rights.

How does student join session?

Student must download the plug in


Open OneNote

Then click on the
green arrow to join session in OneNote

Click on Join the
Customer Experience Improvement Program

Enter the Access Key (password teacher gives you) and click Join

Click Join Anyway

When finished with session click the Red arrow to end session.