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iodic Activity Report



Periodic Activity Report

Osservatorio di Arcetri / Florence

Period: 01/02/2007


Summary of the training activity and research achievements of the
Florence node during the third year of JETSET project

Progress made in the

area of training and transfer of knowledge

Dr. Deirdre Coffey
, the f;orence ER, has continued her work at the Arcetri node for
the second year of her contract. During this year her activity focused on studies of
rotation in jets in tracers at infrared
wavelengths, diagnostics of jet physics close to
the source from optical lines, and studies of disk kinematics at mm wavelengths.

She gave a talk about Rotation in Stellar Jets in Arcetri on September 2007: “ Stellar
Jets at High Angular Resolution”


collaborated with local PhD students and staff to the preparation of proposals for
observing time and the analysis of acquired data.

D.C. worked in Arcetri with R. Cesaroni regarding MAPPING software for

interferometric data reduction, in preparatio
n for visit to Grenoble. Subsequently she

visited Grenoble on April 2007 for two weeks to begin collaboration

to work on PdiBI interferometric data of FU Ori . There she gave a seminar on
rotation in jets.

D.C. participated to several conferences a
nd meetings to the purpose of exchanging

knowledges about observational astronomy and physical interpretation of the data:

Grenoble, IAU symp. n. 243 on star formation at LAOG in May 2007, at which
she presented a poster

Dublin, JETSET Observers Worksho
p, DIAS, May 2007

Noordwijk, ESA Headquarters, in May 2007, at which she gave a talk

Azores, 4

JETSET school, June 2007, at which she

presented a poster

Galway, 5

JETSET school and meeting, during which she gave a talk.

Bologna, conference “HST after

SM4”, where she presented two posters and

started a collaboration with A. Gomez de Castro of Madrid University on HST
UV observations.

Dr. Samira Rajabi,

ESR at the Porto node, is collaborating with the Florence node on
the subject of her PhD thesis.

She visited Flroence for two months in Feb
Mar 2007,


iodic Activity Report


and susequently met and discussed with F. Bacciotti at the Azores and Galway
schools. She will have a secondment period in Florence during the next few months.

Summary of specialist exchange and vi
sits among network teams

Dr. Deirdre Coffey, ER

of the Florence node, visited the Grenoble node

for two weeks in April 2007 to collaborate on Disk kinematics,

and gave a talk at LAOG about Rotation in Stellar Jets.

Dr. Samira Rajabi, ESR
of the Port
o node, visited the Florence Node

for two months, February and March 2007

Dr. Emma Whelan
of the Dublin Node visited the Florence Node

for two months, February and March 2007 and gave a talk on Brown Dwarf jets in

February 2007

Dr. Fiona McGroarty


from the Dublin node, visited Florence for

scientific collaboration and gave a talk on parsec
scale jets in October 2007.

Dr. Cecilia Pinto,
PhD student of the Florence node, visited the Paris node

in November 2007 and gave a talk about 3

Dr. Linda Podio
of the Florence node moved to work at the Dublin Node

starting from December 2007

Prof. A. Natta,
of the Florence node, visited the Paris node

in March 2007 and in November 2007 to collaborate with S. Cabrit on
nterferometric studies of the properties of accreting disks.

Dr. F. Bacciotti,

of the Florence node, visited the Dublin node in January 2008 for
scientific collaboration.

Dr. C. Codella

visited Paris (LERMA) to collaborate with S. Cabrit, and INAF
OARoma to collaborate with B. Nisini.

Dr. E. Tatulli

from the Grenoble node worked at the Arcetri node until August 2007

Observational proposals in collaboration

Several proposals to obtain observing time for JETSET science goals were submitted
from t
he Florence node in close collaboration with the Dublin, Rome, Paris and
Grenoble nodes and outside researchers. These proposals concern the kinematics of
the jets and the gas excitation in jet shocks, the rotation of molecular flows, the flows
from Brown

The proposals for the Plateau de Bure Interferometer, VLT/FORS,



iodic Activity Report


have been allocated the requested hours observing time, and most of the observations
were executed in service mode. C. Codel
la and F. Massi executed observations in
visitor mode at 30
m IRAM, and La Palma Observatory TNG, respectively.

Research achievements

Joint research projects regarding high angular resolution of Jets and their comparison
with Models are actively in

place with the nodes of Rome, Turin, Grenoble,

Tautenburg, Porto, Dublin. These led to a number of publications and scientific
exchanges as described in the following paragraphs.

The main scientific goals of the above collaborations have been:


and analysis of rotation in molecular jets at Near Infrared (with Dublin,
Tautenburg, Rome)

Spectral Diagnostics of stellar jets from optical lines at high angular resolution

(with Rome, Dublin, Tautenburg)


Determination of kinematics and structure o
f molecular outflows (with Paris,

Angular Momentum transport in jets and disks (with Tautenburg, Dublin)

Determination of the structure of inner winds (with Grenoble)

wav study of disk structure and kinematics from interferometric data (with


Detection and spectroscopy of collimated jets from Brown Dwarfs (with Dublin)

astrometry of permitted H lines in stellar jets (with Porto, Grenoble)

numerical simulations of proper motions of Knots in Jets, alternative to pulsating
low conditions

Numerical codes for H radiative transfer (with Porto)

Application of 3
fluids MHD equations (with members of CONSTELLATION)

Relevant publications of the Florence node during year III:

Interacting jets from binary protostars

Murphy, G
. C.; Lery, T.; O'Sullivan, S.; Spicer, D.; Bacciotti, F.; Rosen, A.

2008, A&A, 478, 453

Further Indications of Jet Rotation in New Ultraviolet and Optical

HST/STIS Spectra

Coffey, D., Bacciotti, F., Eisl
"offel, J., Ray, T.P., Woitas, J.

2007, ApJ, 663
, 350

Discovery of a Bipolar Outflow from 2MASSW J1207334
393254, a 24 M

Whelan,E.T.; Ray,T.P.; Randich,S.; Bacciotti,F.; Jayawardhana,R.; Testi,L.; Natta,A.;

2007, ApJ, 659, L45


iodic Activity Report


Proper motions of radiative knots in simulations
of stellar jets. An alternative to
pulsating inflow conditions

Rubini, F.; Lorusso, S.; Del Zanna, L.; Bacciotti, F.

2007, A&A 472, 85

Warm SiO gas in Molecular bullets associated with protostellar outflows

Nisini, B., Codella, C., Giannini, T., Santiago

Garcia, J., Richer, J.S.,

Bachiller, R., Tafalla, M.

2007, A&A, 462, 163

Candidate Rotating Toroids around High
Mass (Proto)Stars,

Furuya, R.S., Cesaroni, R., Takahashi, S., Codella, C., Momose, M.,

& Beltran, M.T.

2008 ApJ, 673, 363

Highly deuterate
d pre
stellar cores in a high
mass star formation region,

Fontani, F., Caselli, P., Bourke, T.L., Cesaroni, R., & Brand, J.

2008, A&A, 477, L45

Observations of YSO Jets from Space: HST and Beyond

Bacciotti,F.; McCaughrean,M.; Ray,T.

2008, LNP, 742 151

High Angular Resolution Observations of Disks

Testi, L,

2008, LNP, 742 151

PdBI sub
arcsecond study of the SiO microjet in HH212. Origin and collimation of
class 0 jets

Cabrit,S.; Codella,C.; Gueth,F.; Nisini,B.; Gusdorf,A.; Dougados,C.; Bacciotti,F


A&A 468, L29

A highly
collimated SiO jet in the HH212 protostellar outflow

Codella, C.; Cabrit, S.; Gueth, F.; Cesaroni, R.; Bacciotti,F.; Lefloch, B.;
McCaughrean M.J.

2007 A&A 462, L53

Toward Resolving the Outflow Engine: An Observational Perspective

Ray, T.; Dougados, C.; Bacciotti, F.; Eislöffel, J.; Chrysostomou, A.

2007, in Protostar & Planets V, p, 231

Star formation in the Vela molecular ridge. Large scale mapping of cloud D in the
mm continuum

Massi,F.; de Luca,M.; Elia,D.; Giannini,T.; Lorenz
etti,D.; Nisini,B.

2007, A&A 466 1013

Dust in Protoplanetary Disks: Properties and Evolutio

Natta,A.; Testi,L.; Calvet,N.; Henning,Th.; Waters,R.; Wilner,D.

2007, in Protostar & Planets V, p, 767


iodic Activity Report


Constraining the wind launching region in Herbig Ae stars: AMBER/VLTI
spectroscopy of HD 104237

Tatulli,E.; Isella,A.; Natta,A.; et al.

2007, A&A 46
4 55

Millimeter imaging of HD 163296: probing the disk structure and kinematics

Isella,A.; Testi,L.; Natta,A.; Neri,R.; Wilner,D.; Qi,C.

2007 A&A 469 213

Water maser variability over 20 years in a large sample of star forming regions: the
complete database

Felli, M., Brand, J., Cesaroni, R., Codella, C., Comoretto, G., Di Franco, S., Massi, F.,
Moscadelli, L.
, Nesti, R., Olmi, L., Palagi, F., Panella, D., Valdettaro, R.

2007, A&A, 476, 373

The clumpy structure of the chemically active L1157 outflow

Benedettini, M., Viti, S., Codella, C., Bachiller, R., Gueth, F., Beltr
'an, M.T., Dutrey
A., Guilloteau, S.

RAS, 2007, 381, 1127

Tracing the origins of permitted emission lines in RU Lupi down to AU scale

Podio, L.; Garcia, P. J. V.; Bacciotti, F.; Antoniucci, S.; Nisini, B.; Dougados, C.;
Takami, M.

2008, A&A in press

A HST study of the enviro
nment of the Herbig Ae/Be star LkHalpha 233 and its
bipolar jet

S. Melnikov, J. Woitas, J. Eisl
"offel, F. Bacciotti, U. Locatelli, T.P. Ray

2008, A&A, in press

Investigating the transport of angular momentum from young stellar

objects. Do H_2 jets fr
om class I YSOs rotate?

Crysostomou, A., Bacciotti, F., Nisini, B., Ray, T.P, Eisloeffel, J.,

Davis, C.J.,

2008, A&A in press

fluid plasmas in star formation: I. Magneto
hydrodynamic equations,

Pinto, C., Galli, D., Bacciotti, F.,

2007 A&A in pr

T Tauri jet physics resolved near launch region with HST

Coffey,D., Bacciotti, F., Podio, L.

2008, ApJ, submitted

IR diagnostics of embedded jets: velocity resolved observations of the HH 34 and HH
1 jets

Garcia Lopez, R., Nisini, B., Giannini, T.
, Eisloeffel, J., Bacciotti, F., Podio, L.

2008, A&A submitted

NIR spectroscopy of the low
mass YSO CB230
A and its jet: cold

photosphere or an active accretion disk?

F. Massi, C. Codella, J. Brand, L. Di Fabrizio, J. G. A. Wouterloot,


iodic Activity Report


2008, A&A submitt

Stellar jet tomography in velocity space

Podio, L., Medves, S., Bacciotti, F., Eisloffel, J.

in preparation

T Tauri Jet Rotation: the case of TH 28 in the near

Coffey, D., Bacciotti, F., Podio, L., Nisini, B.

in preparation

Line diagnostics

of parsec
scale outflows from Herbig Ae/Be stars

Mc Groarty, F., Podio, L., Bacciotti, F., and Ray, T.P.

in preparation

Conference Proceedings & Contributions

Outflow activity in brown dwarfs

Whelan,E.T..; Ray,T.P.; Randich,S.; Bacciotti,F.; Jayaward
hana,R.; Testi,L.;
Natta,A.; Mohanty,S.

2007 IAUS 243, 357

HeI lambda 10830 line: a probe of the accretion/ejection activity in RU Lupi .

Podio, L.; Garcia, P. J.V.; Bacciotti, F.

2007 MmSAI 78 693

Unveiling the Role of Jets in Star Formation

Coffey, D
., Bacciotti, F., Ray, T. P., & Eisloffel, J.,

In "The Impact of HST on European Astronomy", 41st ESLAB Symposium,

Noordwijk, Netherlands, May 29

Jun 1, 2007 (talk)

Wavelength Observations at the Base of T Tauri Jets

Coffey, D., Bacciotti, F.
, Ray, T. P., Eisloffel, J., Podio, L., &

Nisini, B.,

In IAU Symposium 243, Grenoble, France, May 20

25, 2007 (poster)

HST/STIS Observations of Stellar Jets: towards resolving the acceleration


Episode 1.

Bacciotti, F., Ray, T.P., Eisloffel,
J., Coffey, D., Locatelli, U., Woitas, J.

In "Science with the new Hubble Space Telescope after Servicing Mission

4", Bologna, Italy, Jan 29
31, 2008 (poster)

HST/STIS Observations of Stellar Jets: towards resolving the acceleration



Coffey, Bacciotti, Ray, Eisloffel, Podio, Woitas

In "Science with the new Hubble Space Telescope after Servicing Mission

4", Bologna, Italy, Jan 29
31, 2008 (poster)

Jet tomography in velocity space

L. Podio, F. Bacciotti, J. Eisloeffel

Fellows Days,

Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri, October 2007 (talk)


iodic Activity Report


Observational constraints to the accretion/ejection mechanism

L. Podio, F. Bacciotti, P. Garcia

4th JETSET School, Azores, June 2007, (talk)

Spectroscopic diagnostics techniques,

L. Podio


Observers Meeting, Dublin May 2007 (talk)

scale collimation pf protostellar outflows from H2O masers

Desmurs, J.
F., Codella, C., Santiago, J., Tafalla, M., Bachiller, R.

Proceedings of the 8$^{th}$ european VLBI network symposium on

new developments

in VLBI science and technology and EVN users

meeting, Proceedings of Science, SISSA

Evidence for molecular outflow
ambient interfaces in CepA
East ?

Codella, C., Viti, S., Williams, D.A., Bachiller, R.

Proceedings of the Conference: Science with ALMA: a

new era for Astrophysics,

Astrophysics and Space Science, 2008, 313

Edited Books

Jets from Young Stars II: High Angular Resolution Observations

Bacciotti, F., Whelan, E., Testi, L., eds.

2008, Lecture Notes in Physics, 742, Springer

ed Talks

D. Coffey

Do Jets From Young Stars Rotate?

seminar at LAOG Grenoble, April 2007

D. Coffey

Stellar Jets at high angular resolution

Fellows days in Arcetri, April 2007

F. Bacciotti

The role of jets in star formation

at 5th Meeting SAIt, Floren
ce, April 2007

F. Bacciotti

Rotation in stellar jets

at Arcetri Observatory, VC meeting, December 2007

A. Natta

disk interactions in intermediate mass YSOs.

at LAOG Grenoble, IAU symp. 243, May 2007


iodic Activity Report


A. Natta

Dust content of protoplanetary dis

Nobel Symposium, Stockholm, June 2007

R. Cesaroni

Disks, toroids, and the formation of high
mass stars

ESO Headquarters, Garching, January 2007

C. Pinto

fluid Magnetohydrodynamic in star formation

at Universite' de Paris Sud, Paris, October 200

International Conferences

Members of the Florence JETSET team attended to various confrences, among


IAU Symposium 243: Star
disk interaction in young stars

Grenoble, May 21
25, 2007

The Impact of HST on European Astronomy,,

41st ESL
AB Symposium, Noordwijk, Netherlands, May 29

Jun 1, 2007 (

4th JETSET School “From models to observations and experiments”,

Azores, Portugal, June 25
29, 2007

5th JETSET School “High Performance Computing in Astrophysics”,

Galway, Ireland, January 8
5, 2008

JETSET Observers Meeting,

Dublin May 2007

Societa' Astronomica Italiana (SAIT): 51st Meeting''

Florence, Italy April, 2007

Science with the new Hubble Space Telescope after Servicing Mission 4,

Bologna, Italy, Jan 29
31, 2008