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Introduction & Overview

This guide is designed to show you a quick and easy way to make money online, sta
rting from
scratch! These methods have been tested and proven over and over again to be successful. The
amount of success you can have is dependent upon the amount of action you take, and the
choices that you make. Typically speaking, the more action you t
ake, the more results you will see!

If you follow the step
step process you can easily earn an extra $100 per day,
automatically month after month, using just a few hours of your spare time.

It's a pretty simple process, but there are a lot of little
tricks and techniques we're going to teach
you that can make a world of difference in your results!

Phase 1 : First Things First

In order to set this all up, you will need a few basic necessities. These are general resources that
everyone needs for maki
ng money online. Some of them are free, and the rest are very
inexpensive, but once again, they are essential.


Step 1

E <<<


You need a web hosting

If you already have one, great!

If you don't, we recommend you get one here, they are
very inexpensive and reliable.


Step 2


autoresponder account is necessary for collecting customer information, and being able to
communicate with them and sending follow up emails.


Step 3


>>> HERE <<<

This is
where you will choose products to promote, and also get your affiliate commissions from. It's free
to sign up!

Phase 2 : The Target

You need to start by researching a profitable target niche and keywords. A niche is a specific
ortion of a marketplace. For example, the “Forex” niche, short for foreign exchange, is a small
portion of the overall stock trading market. Keywords are the specific terms and phrases that a
person interested in that niche might search for. For example, “
forex guide” or “forex secrets” or
“forex software”.

The niche needs to have 2 important aspects. First, it needs to have demand or interested buyers,
and second it needs to have something you can sell to those people as an affiliate. You can find
out wh
at niches are popular by searching the marketplace of your affiliate network, or looking at
the top trends in specific categories on


Examples of popular niches are the Forex market, the Make Money Online market, Work from
Home, Weight Loss and Dieting, Dating, Debt Relief, Credit Repair, Fitness, etc etc.

Within those niches, you need to focus on just a

few keywords, or keyword phrases. The core
concept with keywords is that you want to choose keywords that would likely be searched for by a
person that is ready to buy something. When someone is searching for a solution to a problem,
they are typically re
ady to buy that solution if you can provide it for them. Other likely buyers are
people searching for reviews or discounts for a specific product. For example, the keyword “golf” is
too broad and generic, but keywords like “improve your golf swing” would g
enerally represent
someone with a specific problem that is searching for help. If you put them in front of a product that
can solve their problem, they are highly likely to purchase it, and you get a commission!

When it comes to keyword phrases, there are

many out there, but not all of them will have enough
search activity to make them profitable. If no one is searching for your keywords, then no one will
find your site and you won't make any sales. Google has a free keyword search tool to help you
see how

many people seach for your terms monthly. It can also suggest additional related terms
you might want to use, based upon your terms, or even based upon a website URL you give them.

You can access the tool here :

The key to getting fast easy results is to choose specific keyword phrases that have 2000
monthly searches, but without being too broad or having too many competitiors a
dvertising for it.
Some competitors is good, because it means the market is likely profitable. If there are too many
competitors, such as a term like “weight loss” or “auto insurance” you will find it too difficult to get
any traffic or make sales.

you have a target niche and keyword chosen, then it's time to get your URL address where
you will setup your site. It's easiest to purchase this through your hosting company (sign up here),
and they will automatically add it to your account. For best resul
ts, choose a URL that has your
main keyword phrase in it, and always try to get “.com”. You can also try “.net”, but “.com” is the
best. For example, using our previous keywords of “improve your golf swing”, we might choose a
URL like “
” or something like that. Many URLs are already owned by
someone, so if your first choice is taken already, keep trying combinations until you find something
that is open, while still keeping directl
y relevant to your target keywords. You can use dashes if
necessary, like “

The reason we target highly specific low competition keyword phrases is because that is the
easiest way

to rank highly and also get free traffic from the search engines. Basically you can just
set these up, and as long as you did your research and chose keywords well, these sites will
continue to get traffic and make sales on autopilot without you ever need
ing to work on them

Phase 3 : Your Website

Setting up your website can be a lot easier than you think. First of all, make sure you have signed
up for your hosting account, like we mentioned in Phase 1. You can get your account HERE.

We're going t
o use Wordpress for our site because it's free, easy to use, ranks highly in the
searches, and has many helpful plugins to do a lot of the work for you!

Most web hosting companies have a simple 1
click installation of Wordpress for your new URL.
Each host
ing company has their interface setup slightly differently, so we cannot type out
instructions for each one. Simple go to your hosting companies tutorial section, and they will likely
have a full guide and video showing you how to set it up. There will als
o be tutorials on how to
login, and start using Wordpress.

Once you are logged into the Wordpress dashboard of your site, you are going to do a few things.
First, you should install a few plugins. Here is a tutorial on how to install them :

Here are the plugins you should install:

Google XML Sitemap Generator (FREE)

This will create a sitemap for your website that tells the search engines everything it contains in a
glance. This will minor boost to help you rank higher, a
nd get indexed faster.


SEOppressor Plugin

This plugin manages all your SEO (search engine optimization) needs on

your entire Wordpress
site, and will give you a HUGE BOOST to help you rank higher (and make more money)

After the plugins are installed, make sure you do this. On the left side of your dashboard, scroll
down to the SETTINGS, then goto PERMALINKS, then c
hoose “Custom Structure” and enter the

in the box. Click save changes. This little trick will make your individual
website pages and posts look more attractive and readable to visitors, and the search engine

Now you need to s
tart editing pages. Here is a guide on how to do it :

Create an “About” page, and write a few paragraphs about the website itself, for instance you can
write that it was cre
ated by an enthusiast in whatever niche you are targeting, and that the site is
created to help other enthusiasts find the information they are looking for (relating to your keyword
and url), and what type of information type you will be providing to help
them (articles, videos,
software, etc). The important part is that the information you write is RELEVANT to your keywords,
and UNIQUE. Copying information from other websites will hurt your site ranking.

You will also want to create a few posts to start o
ut with. Here is a guide on how to do it :

A good start is to write 2
3 posts. Each post should be a topic relating to the keyword phrase you
are targeting with your site. F
or example, a post about “3 Easy Ways I Improved My Golf Swing”.
Once again, it is important that these posts are unique and relevant to your keywords.

These posts will give your website some content, so the search engines can see what it is all

w you will have to submit your website to the search engines. Here are the 3 main ones you

Google :

Yahoo :

Bing :

Simply subit your URL. This tells the major search engines
that your website is active and ready
for them to take a look at it. After their robots take a look, your site will get “indexed”, meaning it will
show up in the search rankings. Depending on the quality of the information you wrote on your
site, and how r
elevant that content is to your keyword phrase, and how many people are
competing for your keyword phrase, will determine how highly you rank when you search for that
specific phrase. The goal is to get onto the first page, and idealy in the top 3 spots. T
hat will get
you the most visitors and sales. It can take 1
2 weeks or more for your website to get indexed, so
don't freak out if it doesn't happen right away. If you used the
SEO plugin
we recommended
, it will
help a lot!

Another highly effective way to get your website ranked higher and therefore get more traffic and
sales is backlinks. Backlinks are links from other websites pointing back to your site, without you
having any links poi
nting to their site. The more relevant to your niche, and higher quality the site is
that points to you, the more valuable the backlink is, and the higher your page will rank. Typically
the sites that rank 1
3 for popular search teams have thousands upon t
housands of backlinks that
they have built up over time. Obviously this is WAY too time consuming of a task to do manually,
so this is something we recommend you use a service for.

Here are some HIGHLY recommended resources for getting your page ranked h

Wordpress Automatic Backlink Creator

Automated Bookmarking Backlink Tool

SEO Linkvine

Phase 4 : Earning Commissions

Now we will insert your affiliate links into your website posts, in order to earn money. The reason
we do this AFTER indexing, is so that the search engine robots f
irst time they look at your site,
they see it is 100% content and assign it a better ranking. They will occassionally re
index your
site, so if you stuff your site with too many links, you could lose your good ranking. We find that 1
links per post/artic
le is enough to make sales, and not too much to upset the robots.

The first step for earning commissions is to make sure you are signed up on the affiliate network,
as we mentioned in Phase 1. If you haven't yet, sign up for your affiliate account here, i
t's free.

Once in the affiliate marketplace, you can search for products to promote. There is a complete
video tutorial on how to do that, so we won't waste time re
making it. Simply watch it here :

We recommend taking a close look at the product pitch page, to see if it is relevant to your website
visitors an
d if you think it is something they will purchase. It's best if the product directly answers
the problem or question that the visitor had that you targeted with your keywords.

When you find a product or products you'd like to promote on your page, get you
r unique affiliate
link, this tutorial shows you how :

Now you can go back

to your original posts in your Wordpress dashboard, and you can edit those
posts, and add your unique affiliate link strategically into the post. We find that the best type of
posts for promoting a product are the posts that tell a unique story or experie
nce about how you
overcame the problem or concern you targeted in your keywords/URL, and then tell the visitor that
XYZ is the product that helped you, and they can “find more info by clicking here” and make that
text into your affiliate link. You can also

use image banners on your site as well, if the product
vendor provides them for you.

You can write more than one story post, or article, regarding the same product or pointing to the
same link, or each post can be promoting a different product. Just keep

them directly related to
your main site keywords. Usually 1
2 products per site is adequate, if it is properly targeted.

BONUS : Phase 5 : Extra Commissions

We we all like making even MORE commissions right? So here is where that autoresponder
comes in

handy. You should have already signed up for your autoresponder, if you didn't you can
sign up right HERE.

The autoresponder will allow you to collect the email contact info of visitors to your site, and allows
you to broadcast followup messages to all o
f them. This makes it very easy to promote affiliate
products to those visitors, even if they didn't originally buy anything you promoted on the website

First, you will create a list within your autoresponder, and name it something relating to thi
particular website you're working on. You will keep a separate list for each website. Your
autoresponder company has a full tutorial in their help section that shows you the best way to
create the list.

After the list is complete, you will create a webf
orm (also covered in their tutorials). The webform is
the actual code that collects the visitors email address, and any other info you wanted from them.
Some people like to collect names as well, but the bare minimum is the email. I prefer just email,
use simple is good ;)

Now here is the important part. Most people just go ahead and stick that webform in the sidebar of
their wordpress site and call it a day. However, you won't get a huge amount of people that put in
their details, because it doesn't r
eally stand out to them.

The best way to grab their intention is to have the webform popup over your website after a pre
determined amount of time, asking them to subscribe. This would normally be very complicated to
encode, but thankfully, there is a swe
et plugin that does it all automatically for you!

Awesome Wordpress PopUp Optin Software

That plugin will simplify integrating a subscriber optin box into ALL of your Wordpress site
s, saving
you a ton of time and headache. It will also increase your optin conversion, meaning more
potential customers for you to promote products to!

Once you're finished with that, you want to setup at least 3
4 followup email messages in the
nder. Again, we're not going to re
type info that is already in your autoresponder tutorial
section, so watch their video about how to setup automated follow up messages.

Typically, you setup an automatic message that is sent immediately after they join y
our website,
just saying thanks for signing up, and to keep an eye out for any emails you might send in the
future with helpful tips. It's also a good idea to ask them to add you to their email contact list, so
that your messages don't goto the spam box ac

Now you will setup additional followup messages, each promoting a related affiliate product from
the marketplace. Simply write a friendly email message letting them know that they should check
out this particular product, and maybe a few of th
e benefits, and then your affiliate link. Short,
simple, and sweet works best for most emails.

You can space out these automated followup emails so that they show up at a specific interval. For
example, if the person joins your list today, they get the fi
rst welcome followup immediately. 2 days
later, you can trigger the second automated followup message, this time its promoting a product.
Then you could choose to have the third followup trigger 5 days after they signed up, etc etc. This
way you can space
out the emails as you choose. We've had great success with sending out at
least one followup message per week after the person signs up.

Rinse & Repeat!

These sites generates are pretty much self
reliant, and run on total autopilot. That means you don't

really need to do any additional work, unless you want to add a new post for a new product or
something. Generally speaking, it should just run on it's own and generate commissions. Some
sites will generate more than others, and some weeks it will be more

volume than others.

The key is to setup as many of these sites as you can come up with. They only take a few hours
of work (after you get the hang of it), and a few weeks to get indexed and start making sales.
even if each site only earns, say $200 p
er month (which is pretty very attainable), you could setup
20 of these sites pretty easily in your spare time, and they will automatically earn you $3,000
$4,000 per month in affiliate commissions, month after month, without you having to do any
onal work!

Now Get Started and Enjoy!