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The UK’s Biggest Prom Show Event
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About The Show

The inaugural Prom Show 2011 will be held over two days of exciting exhibition and entertainment on the
weekend of Saturday 22
& Sunday 23
January 2011 at the Brentwood International Centre, Doddinghurst Road,
Brentwood, Essex.

The Prom Show 2011 is a new, bright and dynamic event, specifically aimed to satisfy the huge demands of prom
attendees (‘promsters’). This is the very first time a show of this magnitude has been produced to satisfy the
needs of this growing market.

Our research, based on 13 years of experience within this sector, unveils some very promising figures. Our
conservative estimate is that over 5,000 promsters will visit this 2 day event. This figure does not include
parents, other family members, teachers and the like. Our figures are based solely on Essex County alone, but
we know we have already reached promsters in London, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Kent.

Planning for the Events stages of the Prom Show are already well-advanced. We have already booked a second
show to be held at Brentwood Centre on Saturday 29
& Sunday 30
October 2011. This will take the form of
our ‘Halloween Prom Show Party’. Infrastructure is already in place to take these Prom shows to a national
level, with shows planned for London (Excel), Surrey, (Ascot), Manchester, Midlands, York, Nottingham and
Objectives of the Show

To offer the prom attendees and their parents a place to source, view and buy anything and everything relating
to the Prom Industry.

To offer a variety of Prom Industry related products and services to the consumer in a safe, friendly environment
and, all under the one roof.

To show-case all the various exhibitors to the consumers in an entertaining way that is best suited to this type of
consumer, namely the prom party attendee (promster).

To raise awareness of your business and to promote your products and services that relate to this industry, to
help your company establish its brand in this new and fast growing industry.

To give your business access to our target audience of young adults. Estimated at over 5000 promsters, their
parents, families and associates over the two days of exhibition and entertainment.

To bring recognition to the UK Prom Industry and establish a biannual Prom Show to our county.

To help raise much needed funds for this years chosen charity, namely Little Havens.
Marketing the Prom Show Event
This is a very unique audience that requires both an
innovative IT & direct hands on approach.

A dynamic and interactive Website.

Over 300 direct home page banner links back to our Website.

Each exhibitor to reciprocate banner links to our Website.

Targeted SEO for prom industry key word search terms (pushing our site on the SERPS).

Social Networking through Facebook and Twitter groups.

Direct contact by Kazar & 1
Event Limousines leafleting each secondary school in the County.

Secondary schools to announce the show dates at assembly.

Direct dial adverts to Bluetooth users from 1stEvent Limousines throughout the year.

Direct leafleting by Kazar during their open air shows throughout the year.

1stEvent limousines to leaflet drop throughout the year.

Leaflets to be direct mailed to 1stEvents client database, (currently over 10,000)

Banner posters at Brentwood Int Centre (nearer the event dates).

Mobile banner boards targeting secondary schools.

Little Havens to assist in marketing.

Official Souvenir Show brochure

Competitions to raise awareness
Internet Marketing Strategy

Interactive & dynamic Website.
Event Group of companies has over 300 established websites reaching over
450,000 individual users every month. The prom show website will have a direct home page banner link to all
these websites, creating brand awareness for the consumer and generating good web presence to our site. Also
as exhibitors join, we will establish a direct banner link exchange between websites, again this will drive traffic
to our site, add to our on going web presence and also increase the brand perception.

Well applied SEO to the website.
One of the 1stEvent Group of companies is Wilfdog Internet Solutions. (WIS)
This company specializes in SEO services (Search Engine Optimisation) and Internet Marketing strategies. WIS will
apply well targeted ‘on page’ & ‘off page’ SEO techniques to our website and then support the site to push it on
the SERPS (Google and yahoo etc). The SEO will drive traffic to our site for prom industry related key words, (ie)
prom show, prom dress, tuxedo hire etc. Once established its optimum positions for these key words, Google
analytics and WIS on going support will make sure we optimise the site accordingly to hold it there.

Social Networking (1).
1stEvent Group has bespoke social networking software enabling us to reach our target
audience and then interact with them on a daily basis through Twitter and Facebook. We have established live
feeds on our website home page inviting consumers to join. This will give consumers regular updates on the
shows entertainment programme, competitions, special offers & exhibitors and at the same time allow them to
communicate with each other.

Social Networking (2).
By setting up Groups on Facebook and Twitter we can invite people to join on a daily
basis. Once someone has joined we can then invite all their friends to join as well. This allows the group(s) to
grow without really having to push too hard. By using internet social networking via Facebook & Twitter Groups
this way will allow us to establish and then grow the brand rapidly and effectively.
Direct Contact Marketing Strategy

The Prom Show 2011 will use a direct ‘hands-on’ marketing approach by contacting each of the 88 schools in
Essex that hold Proms - one by one. We will seek permission to present our show to the year 11 assembly and
then support the presentation after school hours. By using 1
. Event’s limousines fleet of brand new stretch
limos and with the Kayzar Dance Troupe supporting each limo with street dancing, we will create a very early
‘show teaser’. Our team will hand out leaflets pointing the audience to our website, where they will be able to
join our social networking groups, learn about the show and purchase tickets etc.

The Kayzar Dance Troupe has eight major
county-wide events for which they are providing this summer’s
entertainment. Each individual event will be supported by 1
. Event Limousines and our Prom Show team,
supplying leaflets and information about the forthcoming Prom Show. 1
. Event Group mails out up-to-date
brochures and information to its existing client database - currently in excess of 10,000 clients. In October 2010,
as well as receiving our brochures, Prom Show information will also be included.

. Events will use direct-dial adverts / messaging to Bluetooth users for eight months leading up to the show’s
opening date. The transponders for these will adverts. will be housed in 1
. Events fleet of limousines, reaching
everyone within 500 metres of the limo, wherever it may be. The units send out 600 messages / minute. The
advert / message will be changed every month. On average, 95% of 1
. Event Limousines collect their clients in
the county of Essex.

Nearer to the show dates, robust banner adverts will be placed both inside and outside the Brentwood
International Centre. This will be supported by mobile truck banner adverts, targeting secondary schools at the
end of the school day.

Event is running two competitions to win limousine hire for a prom night for up to 8 promsters. Again, this
will be used to generate interest and create even more excitement at the show.
At the Show
Marketing Opportunities

On-stage giant TV multi-screen advertising
We have arranged for a giant 40ft multi-screen TV to be placed on our main stage right behind the performance
area. This will play continuous PowerPoint adverts in between the performance artists. They will run for approx
45 minutes in every hour. Adverts will run in 15, 30, 45 and 60 second slots. You can provide your own
presentation or contact us for details if you wish us to create your presentation for you.

Official Show Guide
The eight page show guide will be available on January 5
2011. This full-colour glossy A4 size magazine is
designed as a souvenir edition of the old school year book. The guide has many exciting features, including
competitions and a huge “Meet the exhibitors” section. There are advertising and exhibitor-feature to meet all
budgets. Every exhibitor will get a 25 word placement and photograph in our “Meet the exhibitors” section.

Competition donations
If you have a competition prize to donate, you will receive a free 1/8
. page advert in the official show guide
and present your prize to the winner(s), live and on-stage at the end of the day.

Goody bags
If your company would like to contribute to our free give-away goody bags, (at the entrance door), then please
let us know what you would like to contribute. Prices will depend on the contribution itself.
Category Sponsorship Packages

Branding (logo) to go onto Featured Exhibitors page on Prom Show website under their chosen category

Website is estimated to gain 6500 individual users rising to 33,000 per month.

Large 600mm Image with 100 word editorial.

Live reciprocal link from website to sponsor website.

Your company’s 30 second TV advert placed onto huge multi TV screen at rear of stage (in-between

Logo to go into special ‘Meet the Sponsors’ page of the Official Show Guide.

100 word editorial to go into ‘Meet the Sponsors’ page Official Show Guide.

Prime location ‘Platinum stand’ measuring huge 4m x3m in front of stage facing the stage.

Logo to go onto category banner advert in show.

Opportunity to work alongside 1
Event Limousines and Kayzar dance troupe on direct marketing strategies.

Assist VIP’s on stage with any category prize giving to competition winners.
All this is available for our Category Prom Show 2011 Sponsors at £4750.00
plus vat.

Client to provide artwork for banner, logo and advert subject to our requirements, 30 second TV advert must be produced by sponsor.

Creating Special Events for you……
Main Sponsorship Package

Branding, (Logo) to go onto home page of Prom Show Website (Estimated 6,500 rising to 33,000 users per month)

Branding to go onto all pages of Prom Show Website as a direct live banner links.

Branding to be placed strategically around the venue, inside and outside.

Your company’s 60 second TV advert placed on huge multi TV screen at rear of stage (in-between

Logo to go onto front cover of the Official Show Guide.

Inside front cover of Official show guide dedicated to your company.

Prime spot in the ‘Meet the Sponsors’ section in Official show Guide.

150 word editorial in ‘Meet the Sponsors’ section in Official show Guide.

Prime location ‘Platinum stand’ measuring a huge 4m x3m in front of stage facing the entertainment.

Logo to go on 25,000 A5 leaflets to be handed out over the next 8 months.

Logo to go on all banner adverts.

Logo to go on mobile banner adverts (nearer to show time).

Logo to go onto all 5000 show entrance tickets.

Opportunity to work alongside 1
Event Limousines & Kayzar on direct contact marketing strategies.

Assist our VIP’s on stage prize giving to competition winners.

Main Sponsor to be Chauffeur driven by Bentley Continental Flying Spur to and from the show.
All this is available for our Main Prom Show 2011 sponsor at £9750.00

plus vat.
Client to provide artwork for banner, logo and advert subject to our requirements, Branding placed inside & outside, 60 second TV advert must be supplied by
Please note we have five category sponsorships available, each for a designated aspect of the show.
Creating special events for you……