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Small Business and Marketing on Facebook
9 Reasons Why Hootsuite Is The
Best Twitter Tool
I continue to recommend Hootsuite as the go-to Twitter application. With more
features and a better interface than Tweetdeck, and more features always being
added, Hootsuite will make managing your social media much easier. Here’s a few
of my favorite Hootsuite features.
Not only can you track clicks on your links by using the Ow.ly link shortener built in
to Hootsuite, but in a recent update, Hootsuite also added the ability to tag your
links with Google Analytics codes so that those clicks can be integrated into your
Google Analytics reporting. Brilliant.
Custom columns for everything!
The columns layout of Hootsuite is extremely flexible and allows you to track a all
sorts of information which is always at your fingertips and always updated.
Create columns for your Twitter Lists, to track keyword searches, people you
especially want to keep tabs on etc.
Mange multiple accounts
You can manage multiple social media and Twitter accounts through one
Hootsuite login which makes keeping on top of everything so much easier.
You can also add other users as Admins or Editors of an account so that multiple
people can help you manage the accounts you specify.
Tweet scheduling
This is probably one of the original Hootsuite features that set them apart. Ever
wondered how some people just seem to be on Twitter ALL THE TIME….well they
really might have the luxury of that much time to kill, or they could just be
scheduling their tweets using this feature. A real godsend!
Automate Tweeting your blog posts
Using Hootsuite’s RSS feature you can automate updates whenever you post to
your blog. Much better than using Twitterfeed’s glitchy service.
Update other social networks
Using Hootsuite you can also update your Facebook Pages and Profiles and
LinkedIn. Hootsuite also connects with Ping.fm extending your reach even further.
Wordpress.com and Myspace features are available in Beta.
Mobile Apps
iPhone users have enjoyed the luxury of Hootsuite’s iPhone app for a while. The
7/12/2010 9 Reasons Why Hootsuite Is The Best …
webtrainingwheels.com/…/9-reasons-… 1/3
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∙ 8 weeks ago
Dude, I so agree. After trying out a load of different apps, and trying to
make the most of TweetDeck, I've abandoned all and use Hooties iPhone
and web-based tag tream of doom for all my tweeting needs. Manage
clients account, coordinating with staff for replies and content
disbursement, all super sweet.
Now if only Hootie can help me actually attract 100,000+ followers as
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Android app was just recently introduced as well. Still waiting on the Blackberry
app though.
Easy tweeting with the Hootlet
Drag the hootlet to your browser bookmark bar and easily tweet out link to the
page your on. Click the hootlet and a mini- Hootsuite window pops up. It’s the
little things that make your life easier…
Upload pictures and files
Another recent update from Hootsuite means that you can upload files and
pictures as you tweet with their new in-built functionality.
Time management is a huge factor in the success (or otherwise) of your social
media marketing. As Hootsuite continues to add new features you can
increasingly centralize your social media activity and do more and more with one
Hootsuite account. More info on Hootsuite’s bells n’ whistles here, and at their
What Twitter tool or other social media tools do you use, and why?
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7/12/2010 9 Reasons Why Hootsuite Is The Best …
webtrainingwheels.com/…/9-reasons-… 2/3