Self Search Engine Optimization Tips - How To Do It Yourself And Save Money

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Self Search Engine Optimization Tips - How To Do It Yourself And Save Money
Search engine optimization, otherwise referred to as SEO is a science companies spend thousands of dollars a year to keep their website listed at the
top for their products or service. Small business owners can avoid having to spend money that may not be in the budget in the beginning. Here are
some tips to provide you with a start to search engine optimization.
1. Top quality relevant content is the best place to start. If you do not offer original
quality content, making it to the top is hopeless. Spend the time to write content that is relevant to the products or services that you offer.
2. The
selection of specific keywords and phases that are most relevant will yield the best results. Do not use general terms as your focus, competition is too
fierce and you will only be wasting time and effort.
3. Location, location, location, search engine evaluate the frequency and location of keywords and
phase. So including the terms in your title bar, description, content and links are valuable to search engine optimization.
4. Avoid using specific terms
and phase too much, this is known as keyword spamming and will ultimately cost you with search engines. Using this tactic to load your site with terms
and phases will get you banned by the search engines and therefore will result in no traffic to your website.
5. Avoid too many pictures and graphics'
such as gif, jpg, flash or other popular formats. Text and content is king, search engines "read" text not pictures, if you have a website that consists of
all image files these are ignored by the search engines and will not help you. When you use image files, make sure that you include an "alt" tag with
relevant keywords so that the search engines can "see" what you are trying to target.
Using these tips will help get you started in the right road to
search engine optimization. These are the basic things to do to get your website listed in the top of search engine rankings. There are more detailed
and complex tactics but by using these, you can save a lot of time and money that you will otherwise spend with a professional search engine
optimization company.
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