using RFID technology:Kfupm experience

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Realizing the benefit of e
tagging & e
using RFID technology:Kfupm experience
and the Access control project


Head of RFID research

Department of Computer Engineering, King
Fahad University of Petroleum & Minerals


What is RFID?

RFID is a technology that uses
frequency waves to transfer
data between a reader and a
movable item to identify,
categorize, track...

RFID is fast, reliable, and does
not require physical sight or
contact between reader/scanner
and the tagged item


RFID = Radio Frequency IDentification

RFID tag = device that is designed for wireless data transmission

RFID tag



toll payment transponder



human implantation

for medical purposes

A surface wave transponder used pressure sensor
in valve shaft of car tire valve

RFID in Fedex access control

Business issue:

Drivers spend
precious time
searching for keys to
lock unlock doors

An automatic keyless
entry and ignition
system LF134.2 Khz

Benefits: security &
time savings


Transfusion: E
Patients’wristbands and blood tags

Current status in managing new born
babies at hospitals in Saudi Arabia

New born babies security issues

New born babies management highly dependent on non
automated processes.

Human based tracking & validation processes.

Barcode systems used today still require manual
intervention (i.e. scanning).

Manual & Non
real time notifications of new born special care
requirements when & where they are needed.

Verification confirmation for handing over the right baby to the
right parents in real time are not available with current

Healthcare solution description

RFID case study to protect newly born
babies At Faqeeh hospital Jeddah

Improving operational efficiency through asset tracking

Faqeeh hospital

HOW it works?

Real time location



Asset tracking in Najran University

Asset tracking in Najran

RTLS at room level

Real time location Systems

Muhammad Wasim Raad


A real time location system defined a
system for determining location of

Utilizes a network of devices to collect
information from battery powered tags
on their location

As seen by several readers to
accurately triangulate the location

RTLS are more complex than RFID

RTLS provide coordinated based
information on where the RTLS tag is

Precisely mapped and compared to other
tags in surroundings

WLAN based RTLS getting widely adopted




Real Time location system benefits

Improve patient

Locate required
people and
equipment easily

Decrease inventory

Enhance equipment

RTLS case study: Long range
tracking of vehicles

Introduction to smart cards& RFID Technology:
The First undergraduate University course in
RFID in the region

Presenting the most important recent advances in
smart cards technology and research.

Focusing on the most fruitful research and hot
areas in these technologies.

Underlying fundamental limitations of these

Enabling Computer Engineering students to become
pioneers in designing smart card systems.

Exposing students to the cutting edge technology in
the proposed area.

KFUPM experience in RFID &
the Access control project

KFUPM established 1963

One of first Universities in region to
establish a Smart Campus based on
MIFARE contactless smart cards

Smart campus Established in 2002

15,000 Smart cards issued for students,
faculty and staff

Identification cards for Students, Faculty,
and Staff

Inventory tracking

Library card

Access control of: gates, parking, dorms,

Photocopying and printing

Student concessions and meal services

Health services


Access control

Muhammad Wasim Raad


RFID research in KFUPM


To train students to develop MULTOS
applications for banks & National ID

To aid local industry

To support National ID card program as well
as projects in electronic payments & health

To support new Smart Card Course:
Introduction to Smart Card & RFID
Technology offered as an elective course

Collaboration with MULTOS

Partnership with KFUPM in providing complete
support to new Smart Card Lab

Full technical support for students developing
MULTOS based projects using SMARTDECK
utilizing WEBCAST

Providing attractive Job positions to students
graduating from Smart card course

International Certification In MULTOS for students
completing the course

Potential of RFID Lab

Conducting short courses on MULTOs for industry

Collaboration with major companies in region

Developing Innovative solutions

Conducting research on performance
evaluation of RFID

Interoperability of various RFID tags

Obtaining advanced RFID development

Integrating E
permitting data in location
awareness:A prototype for the eco friendly
Automotive using Active RFID tag+sensor

Using RFID to monitor Activity of
daily living (ADL)

Web monitoring of ADL

An RFID based telemedicine Guidance
system prototype for Hospital

A proof of concept for using RFID for
monitoring healthy eating for children
suffering from diabetes

RFID every where

RFID Adoption Challenges

the timing right??



currently 50 cents

need to be 5 cents or less


currently thousands of dollars

need to be hundreds of


distribution centers relatively low tech

networking, power, etc.

Cost benefit

must be significant enough to justify RFID cost:

Retailers operate with small margins ( < 5%). If RFID can
increase operational efficiency by 1% = major competitive

Read accuracy:

accuracy not established

needs to approach 100%:

Metal containers, liquids, Etc. impact tag readability

Taq/reader orientation: polarization effects

Reader configuration: cooperative networks of readers

Interference from other readers and other radiators


See next slide

Privacy Concerns

Privacy protection

Blocker tag research