E-Seals for container security

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Seals for container security

Seals advantages over
mechanical seals

Can be checked by

automatic systems

unqualified personal

Lowers probability of human errors when
checked by electronic readers

More difficult to tamper with

Part of complete container surveillance system

Are quite mature and based on proven

Inconveniences to use E

Lack of standards

Communication frequencies

Communication tools

Reader infrastructure

Tamper detection methods

Existing E
seals use frequencies not allowed
worldwide (and not reserved for this purpose) =>
can be refused in certain countries

Sealing is not the only aspect of container
security problem => seal indicates ONLY a
conventional attempt to open the container

RFID and privacy protection

Some personal random press
clippings from the internet

RFID chips on kids makes
Legoland safer

Children entering the parks will be fitted with an
RFID bracelet that can be tracked anywhere
within its boundaries

meaning that should they
run off and find themselves lost, the parks' staff
will easily be able to track them down and alert
parents via SMS.

Leo Steiner, vice president for on
demand sales
at IBM, who works closely with RFID, said:
"Lego will now know exactly where each
customer is, how long they are spending in each
area and which products are proving to be most

Source: http://www.silicon.com/research/specialreports/protectingid/0,3800002220,39121670,00.htm

Consumer council warns of
backlash against tracking tags

The National Consumer Council (NCC) has
called on government and businesses to put
privacy at the heart of RFID technology or risk a
consumer backlash that could set back adoption
of the technology.

The NCC believes that RFID technology will
pose significant challenges to consumer privacy,
unless concerted action is taken now," the report
says. "Privacy
protection must be built into the
technology and its applications and must not be
seen as an add
on luxury."


Tom Toles on implanted RFID

Source: http://www.stapleton

RFID People, Animals and

RFID implantations for pets has been commonplace for
years, with the "mad cow" disease outbreak last year the
technology is being used to keep up with livestock. Now
that the FDA has approved the technology for
implantation in humans the debate about the privacy
implications has begun. Will health insurance
companies, life insurance companies, seek to require the
technology to determine the insurance risk of clients?
Will credit card companies seek to remove the need for
cards and replace them with RFID imbedded technology.
Could access to social benefits like social security,
Medicare, and food stamps be tied to the use of RFID
implanted technology to monitor clients and dispense

Source: http://www.privacy.org/archives/001389.html