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Sean Watford

DIS Fall 2010

Travelling to Copenhagen was the best experience I had
during my

. It
was a time to get away from the Wofford bubble and meet
a ton of diverse people
from all over the US and the world. I’ve made some of my best
friends while abroad
and still think about being in Denmark every day. The courses are taught with a
different teaching style and group work

and travel

is a big aspect in almost all of the
courses. You have a chance to become more independent and expose yo
urself to a
lot of things that you will never get a chance to be exposed to in the US. If travelling
abroad has ever crossed your mind, I would suggest you do all you can see that it

I lived with both Danes and Americans in shared housing (dorm r
oom style
housing). I was a little disappointed at first to not get a host family, but I am very
thankful now that I got to live by myself right in the middle of the city. I definitely
would not have enjoyed my time in Copenhagen nearly as much if
I had a
family. I became mo
re independent and matured

as a result. I would definitely
recommend living in this type of housing if you want to have your own space.

I’ve made a list of the courses I took while over there. I enjoyed at least some aspects
of all

of my courses, but hopefully you will benefit from my experience when you are
abroad in Denmark.

Medical Biotechnology and Drug Development

This was my core course, so I got to travel to Scotland during the long study tour.
The lecture section was not v
ery organized. The course covered a broad range of
research techniques and also covered the business aspects of developing a drug. I
got to visit several labs and start
up companies that were researching and
developing pharmaceuticals. The lectures may hav
e been tedious and a little
disappointing, but the visits to these labs and companies were great. However, I
wouldn’t recommend anyone to take this course within the next few years. It is a
brand new program that needs to have a more solid focus. The profe
ssor I had is no
longer teaching the course, so it may already have some significant improvements.
But I didn’t learn as much about biotechnology as I should have.

Marine Mammal Biology

This was the toughest course, but it was well worth it. I learned mor
e in this course
than any other. The professor was extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about
the subject. A lot of travelling throughout Denmark to visit Museums, Zoos, and
Fisheries was required. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who
oys topics on marine life and/or wildlife conservation. A broad range of topics
was covered including fishery techniques, climate change, international marine
mammal harvesting laws, etc.



This lab was optional, but I took it beca
use it only met a few times and consisted of
taking a Saturday to travel to the
Fisheries and Maritime Museum in
Esbjerg to
perform a necropsy on a harbor porpoise and harbor seal. The only assign
ment was
to write an article analyzing data of harbor porpoi
ses. The assignment was a little
confusing, but the professor was always available and easy to reach for any help. I
would recommend anyone who is taking the lecture course to take the lab because it
only takes a little bit more time, and the experience yo
u gain from the necropsy is

Greenland: A Scientific Expedition

This was a very relaxed class that covered all aspects of Greenland including climate
change (Global), history, politics and culture. This class also prov
ided a unique
for I

got to walk onto one of the two ice sheets in the world.
I was

able to
look at ice core samples collected from the ice sheet and

given a lecture by a
scientific research team that spent 3 months on the summit, Greenland's highest
point. This class was very lax, and I would recommend anyone who can afford the
extra trip to take it because
it is a wonderful experience.

Biomedical Ex
ploration of HIV/AIDS

This course covered all aspects of HIV/AIDS from virology to social and clinical
aspects of having the virus. It was not as good as the other classes, but I still learned
a lot about an important subject. The course was not very diffi
cult, but the lectures
could be very boring. I would recommend people to take this course because there
was very few study tours, so it took up very little time to learn about a very
important subject.

Gender and Sexuality in Scandinavia

Although I didn’
t really enjoy the lectures for this course, I was exposed to a great
amount of very interesting topics and literature on aspects of gender and sexuality.
The assignments made you think and push yourself outside of your comfort zone.
For example,

sex shows, publicly
buying porn or interviewing Danes you
meet in the s
treet about their views on sex (all of these are of course optional, but
highly recommended to do because the experience is great). I would highly
recommend this course to anyone. It w
as a lot of fun and provides exposure to a
number of topics not only in Scandinavia but also around the world. The study tours
for this course were a lot of fun also. Not all of them focused on gender and sex.