IIS vs. Apache


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IIS vs. Apache

Five advantages of IIS

1. It is has a GUI interface, which makes the installation
a bit easier.

2. It "plays" well with other Microsoft applications.

3. Performance Monitor feature is very useful.

4. Tech Support of IIS is actually pretty good (this is
speaking from experience).

5. Isolation of the client from the web applications allows
IIS to maintain TCP/IP connections while a worker
process is being recycled. In other words, IIS has crash

Five disadvantages of IIS

1. It only works with the Windows OS.

2. It is not a terribly flexible web server,
due to Microsoft constraints.

3. Source code is proprietary.

4. It is difficult to control how URL's are

5. If you're using two servers, the server
configurations must match exactly.

Five advantages of Apache

1. Industry standard for most web servers.

2. Open source.

3. Allows remote administration.

4. Multi

5. The software is free.

Five disadvantages of Apache

1. Console mode installation.

2. No real tech support, except for
message boards and third party vendors.

3. Does not perform well on Windows

4. Apache is not regularly updated.

5. Requires more technical knowledge to
install and configure.