An Investigation into using a


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An Investigation into using a
Document Management System

Presented by: Bijal Rana

Supervisor: John Ebden


Project Description


The use of a Document Management

Design Considerations

Expected Output

Project Description

To create a website for Rhodes, that in
essence will be a Document Management
System (DMS)

What is Document Management?

The main objective of the DMS would be:

Allow sharing of documents between
departments at Rhodes


The requirements are as follows:

User access must be controlled

Access Control List

Users should log in and only see information
relevant to them

Separate folders and sections must be created
for each department

Why use a DMS?

It facilitates communication and sharing

Reduces document management costs

It allows for the storage, management and
distribution of documents

Allows for easier retrieval of documents

Design Considerations

The tools that I will be using:


SQL database


Microsoft IIS

Internet Information server


Stands for Hypertext Pre

Syntax similar to C and Perl

Open source, server
side scripting language

Can embed PHP in HTML pages

Easy to maintain and update compare to
ASP and Perl

Advantages of PHP

Offers excellent connectivity to most
databases like

MySQL, Oracle and ODBC

Cross platform compatibility

Apache, Microsoft and Netscape

Open Source

Microsoft IIS

A file and web application server that can
be used on a LAN , WAN, or the Internet.

Can be installed on

Windows NT Server 4.0,

Windows 2000 Server

Windows.NET server

The Expected Output

A system that

controls the user access and the viability of
information on integrated website

gives individual users and departmental
workgroups the ability to quickly find, share
and access all document types