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From The Mainframe To
The Sun To The World!

Carmen Williams

Rose Keeley

Carol Drechsel

University of North Dakota

Presented at Midwest SAS Users Group

September 2003

The Goal

Automate the way we
generate and report our daily
student registration activity
to the web.

SAS/IntrNet Project

SAS/IntrNet implemented through the
Higher Education Computer Network

Principle users located at the University
of North Dakota (UND) and North
Dakota State University (NDSU)

Steps involved the coordination of
mainframe programs to the Sun
(server) to the web

Project Overview

Developed out of the need to “automate” SAS

to the web

Worked with our ITSS SAS user consultant along
with another institution

Once approved to “move forward” in the proposal,
received a more specific list of product needs and
costs from SAS (educational prices)

Upon final approval, timelines (aggressive) were
set up for implementation

Project Overview

Total Team Effort

Install ourselves?

Technology framework

Training and learning the new

Life after the consultants leave

Implementation Timelines

Installs to do prior to SAS consultants

Example programs sent to SAS

Hardware needs assessed

Software needs assessed

We were only at version 6.09 at this time

End users needed to learn PC
version 8.2

Total Team Effort

All assessments, installs, other preparation
took a total team effort

Mainframe support teams, security, UNIX
support teams, client support consultants, and
the end users all had to commit their time and

Very intense (but for short time)


We chose to have the SAS products installed
(under the

Pilot Implementation

solution offered by SAS
government & academic customers)

One expert mainframe consultant

One expert UNIX consultant

Daily schedule

Conference first thing in the morning

Make sure everyone was on “same page”

Went through examples to understand process and final product

Ended each day with a brief overview/demo of what was
accomplished that day

Technology framework

IBM Mainframe MP 3000 7060
H50 with RAMAC 9393 Disk
running OS390 V2.10 loaded with Base SAS, SAS/GRAPH,
SAS/STAT, and the new module SAS/CONNECT

Sun Enterprise Station

Model 220R, dual SPARC Ultra
processors performing @ 450 MHZ running Solaris 5.8 (64 bit)

This one machine (server) maintains the Web Server running
Apache 1.3 and the Application Broker, as well as the SAS Server
running SAS 8.02 and the Application Server. The SAS/IntrNet
Application Dispatcher provides the Application Broker on the Web
Server and the Application Server on the SAS Server

Training and learning the new

Following the installation, the products were

Gave us a little time to re
group and take some of the
new features in

We had some problems with earlier versions (formats,
password protection) which needed extra time to fix

Consultants came back after one month

Worked on the applications more

Provided some hands
on training

Six days of public training was also purchased

Practice, practice, practice


Report Selections

Drop Down Box Selections

Static Report #1

Static Report #2

MDDB Report Viewer

Fictitious Data

Fictitious Data

Fictitious Data

Fictitious Data

Fictitious Data

Fictitious Data

Fictitious Data

Fictitious Data

Fictitious Data

Life after the consultants

The three of us met regularly

Went through all of the jobs

Documented the steps

Took advantage of the public (web) training

Discussed at our regional meeting (Red
River Valley SAS Users Group)

(re)formed a UND SAS Users Group

SAS/IntrNet Project Wrap


Two very capable and qualified SAS consultants writing
the SAS code

SAS consultants worked with the technical personnel to
install necessary products

With the consultants on campus it required the attention
of the “team” to act when called upon and drop
everything and come to the table (note

pro & con!)

Now that we have “the code” and everything is working
well, it will be much easier to write other programs

Have had excellent assistance from the SAS consultants
for follow
up questions

SAS/IntrNet Project Wrap


Everyone involved needed to be “on call” for
the two weeks that the consultants were on

We did receive a lot of documentation… but
it’s never enough

The training was very intense.. not enough
handouts, and at times difficult to follow and

Thank you for attending!

University of North Dakota

For questions, please contact:

Carmen Williams, Institutional Research


Rose Keeley, Info Tech Systems & Services



Carol Drechsel, Institutional Research