By Morgan Ellman


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By Morgan Ellman

What is genetic engineering?

Genetic engineering consists of the
technologies that are being used to
change the genome of cells and move
genes across species boundaries to
produce new and improved organisms.

Genetic engineering has been most
commonly researched in an effort to
cure the disease Diabetes.

The basics:

Activity Time

Cut the desired gene from the human
strand of DNA using your restriction

Using the same restriction enzyme, cut the
bacterial plasmid at the dashed line.

Attach the desired gene to the sliced part
of the plasmid, and connect it using DNA

You’ve now created a new plasmid that will
reenter the bacterium it was from, and
clone new cells that express the function of
the desired gene.

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Is it ethical?

Essentially, the problem with genetic
engineering is that scientists are gaining
the ability to recreate life that is completely
synthetic and unnatural to the world. This
freaks many people out, and makes people
fear for the future.

Additionally, stem and embryonic cells are
used within genetic engineering which is a
largely argued topic in itself.

Regulation: Asilomar Conference on
Recombinant DNA (due to Boyer and
Cohen), est precautionary principle

What do you guys think?


From the information gathered, and my personal
opinion, I would observe that genetic engineering in
itself is a vastly powerful practice.

It can potentially save a myriad of lives, however it
may also cause concern for future harm that we are
unaware of.

Due to the lack of knowledge behind what may occur
due to genetic engineering, the conclusion can be
made that the technique should be heavily regulated
and test so that there is a clear understanding of it’s
power and repercussions. However, the great
amount of help that it may do for society makes it a
subject that should be focused on a great deal.

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