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Rapid Deploy

Shared Vision Group

(SVG) is a professional services
organization that specializes in the development of
custom e
business solutions using IBM’s WebSphere
software solutions. The firm was founded in 1997 and
has off
ices nationwide.

Rapid Deploy

is a combination of software and
services from IBM and Shared Vision Group. Based on
Shared Vision Group’s extensive experience with
commerce suite we have built an offering which allows
customers to stay focused on creating
an e
website designed around how they do business, while
we take care of the technical components.

This solution can be used as a solid base for a larger,
more customized, iterative implementation.

Who is Rapid Deploy for?

Rapid Deploy is desi
gned for small to mid sized
business or mid sized divisions of larger companies
looking to quickly develop a WebSphere Commerce
solution and utilize the comprehensive capabilities
provided by the out
box features that are part of the


Out of the Box
Rapid Deployment


(includes the IBM
WebSphere Commerce
Professional software for

Staging and
Production, and over 3
months of services)


Commerce Professional


Application Server



SVG Services:

Site customization


Administration Training

Data load services

Order fulfillment service

Order and Order Status
integration for Back End

Benefit to Customer

Focus your development dollars and time on what makes you
r company unique,
instead of spending time worrying about the plumbing and low level details, use

the IBM WebSphere Commerce framework, coupled with Shared Vision Group’s
modules and services to handle the infrastructure. This will let you concentrate on
ifferentiations to the site that are required for your business.

By building the Retail Express Offering on top of WebSphere Commerce, customers
get to use the same IBM award winning eCommerce software that is used by major
retailers like REI, LL Bean and

Limited Brands (Abercrombie and Fitch). WebSphere
Commerce offers all the major functionality required by companies to run their

What do you get?

Based on Shared Vision Group’s extensive eight
years of experience in Web

Sphere Commerce, we h
ave packaged what we consider to be core components that
many of our customers need in their sites. The offering includes:

IBM Software:

IBMs WebSphere Commerce which includes all the software required to run an
eCommerce site (database

DB2, web server

Apache, and application server

WebSphere) to run a Development, Staging and Production environment (1
processor each)

Shared Vision Group Services

At Shared Vision Group we know what it takes to get a site up and running quickly.
We have bundled toget
her a set of core services to prevent lengthy custom
development. We focus our efforts up front on taking care of the foundation;

so that the majority of time can be spent making your site fit your business model.
The following is a short review of the ser
vices that are included in this package.

Site customization: Shared Vision Group knows that every customer is different. By
having this base offering, we have taken care of much of the foundation work
needed to get you up and running. Now its time to work
with our profession
commerce architects to figure out how to set your site apart. We will work with you
to make sure your site supports the way your customers want to shop for product,
and the way you want to sell to them. We can customize your store using

marketing spots, crosssells, up
sells, replacement items, and product placements;

just to name a few.


Shared Vision Group experts will setup development, staging, and production
environments for the solution.


In order to manage your o
nline catalog and information, your team will
need training on the tools provided by IBM and Shared Vision Group.

Data Load Services:

Shared Vision Group and your

team will work to get your data
ready for the web. This includes up to two weeks of one of o
ur data architects
working with your team to organize, cleanse, and prepare

your data for the web.

Order Fulfillment Services:

Most customers have an existing backend system to do
fulfillment, warehouse management (picking, packing, and inventory). We hav

integrated with everything from homegrown packages to SAP. The base offering
includes integration for orders, in batch mode (for real time integration, please refer
to the optional services)

Additional SVG Components

Shared Vision Group has built a se
t of
tightly integrated

WebSphere Commerce
components that may be added to

package at a low cost. These components

Search Engine Optimization

and graphic We will work with you to
design specialized URLs that will optimize
your product and

category pages to be
found on search engines. Using a
combination of IBM and Shared Vision
Group technologies, we can empower
Optional SVG Services

The following items are not included in

the base price, but may be purchased




our partner

Rackspace, your eCommerce site’s

bandwidth will be hosted and sup

time Integration:


Vision Group has integrated with

some of the biggest ERP and Order

you to create very specific URLs for any
category or product page on your site.
This in turn has a tremendous effect on
getting y
our pages ranked higher on
search engines such as Google, which
translates directly to more shoppers and
more sales.

Physical Store Management:

module allows

you to manage a section
of your site which contains

about your physical stores.

You can

information about store locations
including address

information, job
openings, specific store specialties,

maps, and events.

Advanced payment options

If you
take credit cards or checks on your web
site, this module allows you to easily
tegrate into Verisign PayFlow Pro and

CyberSource, two of the leading Internet
credit card processing companies with
fraud screening.

hipping calculations:


Fedex, UPS, DHL or USPS)

Estimating shipping costs during
checkout on an eCommerce s
ite can be
difficult for shipping physical goods.
Many companies

do not know shipping
charges until the items are picked,
packed and weighed. If you store size
and weight information about your
products, UPS charges

can be calculated
in real time providing

the customer with
more accurate shipping costs.

anagement systems.

Our creative team

will work with your business to

include branding, advanced user

interface and graphic design, cam

development and promotions.

Advanced custom work:

If you

feel you have outgrown a standard

solution, and wish to add real time

integration, business to business

functionality, store kiosks, multi

support, distributed systems,

or more, Shared

Vision Group can

help turn your vision into a reality.

Shared Vision Group can take your

commerce solution to any level you




Shared Vision Group can aid you in using
WebSphere Commerce to support any sales
channel with the same core
with pre
built modules for POS in
kiosk, website, printed catalogs, handheld
devices and call centers.

How to
Get Started:

In order to plan your eCommerce
implementation, we suggest our five day
commerce assessment. For a fixed $5,00
we will arrive at your site, and spend three
days on
site and two

days offsite
with you to

assess your requirements.
During this assessment, one of our

experienced architects will develop a “fit
gap” analysis document by interviewing the
ey members of your team. We

will write a
project plan, and develop an
implementation schedule with all re
costs. If you decide to
proceed with the

implementation, we will deduct the
assessment fee from the project cost.


Goldens Bridge


Tom Eichner,, 914.232.2095

New York, NY:

Karima Sundarji,, 212.684.9444

New Orleans, LA:

Michael Von Bodungen,, 985.781.3262

Las Vegas, NV:

Drake Philbr
ook,, 760.898.4413

San Francisco, CA:

Marshall Freiman,, 408.313.3222