Transforming the Way We Work

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Transforming the Way We Work

Logistics Community of Practice

Jill Garcia

Defense Acquisition University

14 July 2006


ACC transition to enterprise software
platform (Ecco)

LOG CoP Overview

3 years later

PBL Toolkit


ACQuire Search

20 June 2006

transitioned to new software

Improved system performance


Improved search capability

faster and better results

Metrics roll
up at community level

greater depth

More streamlined look and feel

less cluttered

Communities more autonomous


Allows for future growth

18,000 members & growing

Acquisition Community Connection (ACC)

Enterprise Software Migration Overview

ACC Transition to Ecco v1.5

Old Version

New Look and Improved Functionality

“Community Explorer”
allows for easy navigation
throughout ACC

Navigation simplified

Navigate to Practice Center or
up one level at a time

Folders can be expanded and

Bread crumbs indicate where
you are

Graphics link to topics

Improvements to “Participate”

The participate box gives members access to
all the functions for which they have

Accounts can request to become a member

Access and modify their profile

Contribute or suggest a contribution

Subscribe to the community and decide how
and when they are to notified

Acquisition Community Connection (

New Features



in Ecco automatically roll
up (aggregate) under one place in the community (note that discussions only roll
up within a community). This will make it much easier for community leaders/facilitators to monitor and respond to
discussions. One of the challenges with Simplify was that members would initiate discussions or ask questions and
they were buried and essentially not visible. This new feature should greatly foster the responsiveness of the
community to users. A user may subscribe to the discussion area.


When you add or suggest content you have the option of submitting it immediately, or saving it as a draft. If you save the
content as a draft it will be saved to the Drafts and Suggestions area of your Profile Area. This allows a user to
come back to the draft via the Drafts and Suggestions under your Profile and finish and post it at a later date.

Highlight with

Feature an Item

is replaced in Ecco with
Highlight with Context
. Highlight with Context allows individuals to add a
short description about why the item is worthy of being highlighted, etc.



can be sorted dynamically by the user by clicking on column headers. (Sort options include; date, title
(alpha listing), contributor, document type, etc.)

Popup Context Card

Popup Context Cards provide quick and easy access to information on contributions, business cards, and communities.
Business Cards

and the
Benefit Value Statement

of individual contributions can be viewed without launching the
contribution; by hovering over the object and clicking on the popup context card. This provides quick access to
information without having to launch another window.


A new feature in the enterprise edition is
. Activity (the chili peppers) can be configured at the community level.
Essentially, this means that automatic rankings are a function of the weights applied to the activity on the site (page
views, discussions, etc).



The subscription feature is greatly enhanced in Ecco. Subscriptions can now be set to roll down to subtopics in the
community thus eliminating the need to set subscriptions at each topic level. Subscriptions must be set for each
community; there is no global (ACC
wide) subscription feature.

There is also an advanced capability found by clicking on the “Details” button.

This lets you be extremely specific about
what you want to be notified about

subscriptions allow the user to get to a much more granular level of detail (e.g.,
send notification for only things added, deleted, modified, etc.).

LOG CoP Overview

LOG CoP launched 21 July 03

Over 674,500 page views since its launch

Over 2000 registered members

New metrics

(#s reflect 20 JUN 06

10 JUL 06)

New metrics

(#s reflect 20 JUN 06

10 JUL 06)

New metrics

(#s reflect 20 JUN 06

10 JUL 06)

New metrics

(#s reflect 20 JUN 06

10 JUL 06)


The tools continue to get better

LOG CoP continues to grow and metrics
indicate that the site is heavily used

…..BUT it is not being maximized …

as a communication tool

as a tool to solicit feedback from the community

as a collaborative tool


Blackboard is being introduced as an enhancement to the DAU
learning environment

Conduct FOLE* courses

Web presence for classroom courses (ex. pre
course assignments)

Faculty workspaces for course development & collaboration

Future learning asset repository for classroom courses

*Facilitated Online Learning Environment


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