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Frank Larsen

Birkeland Innovation AS

Technology Transfer Office, University of Oslo


2. December 2004

Birkeland Innovation AS

Technology Transfer Office at the University
of Oslo (UiO)

Responsible for commercialization of UiO
research results. Our task is to secure the
IPR and to do technology transfer to industry.

Established 1. January 2004, 100% owned by

All Norwegian Universities have established

Transatlantic Co

TTO licensing

Companies with technology to license out
(and in)

Companies that need capital and/or partner

Companies with products that need access to
markets and set up business in North

Licensing and Springboard Americas

Licensing of technology is one of the main tasks of
the TTOs

Especially for biotechnology there is very often a
need to license to a company located in North


The Norwegian TTOs could have one
licensing officer located in US to get a more efficient
licensing process as part of the Springboard
Americas program

How Can a Norwegian Technology
Company succeed in US?



Market and key target customers

lobaoration and partners

US subsidiary

Scandinavia as a Test Market

ICT and biotechnology: Scandinavia is a fast adapter
of new products

Average four years for a new successful product to
be widespread in the market compared to eight years
in UK

Norwegian companies should seek success in
Scandinavia before going for the US market

What is expected in US?

The product must work as specified

Deliver what you promised

Deliver on time

Efficient service and product support

Often tougher requirements than from
Scandinavian customers

The GenoVision Story

Product: Fully automated system for isolation

of genetic material from a wide range of
biological samples (blood, tissue, hair etc.)

Target customers: Companies and universities
doing genetic research/ diagnostics

2000: Applications developed in collaboration
with University Hospital Labs in Norway (OFU)

Spring 2001: Sold systems to all University
Hospitals in Norway and Sweden (20 systems)

Autumn 2001: Commercial breakthrough in US:
(selected target customers)

June 2002: GenoVision sold to Qiagen for $ 30
million. 2004: Revenue of > $ 10 million

of more than 200 systems sold

GenoVision Facts

GenoVision Inc. For sales & marketing & service. Personell with
strong background in molecular research and diagnostics

Invested in identifying key target customers: (Quest Diagnostics,
UCLA, John Hopkins, American Red Cross, Althea)

Used the Norwegian key people when meeting with the
customers and managed in this way to talk to decision makers

Strict quality control before and during system installation

”24 h service and support”, both the American and Norwegian
organisation on alert to deliver what we promised. Flew over
from Norway when needed for the first systems.

Biggest challenge: Success created a back order problem, but
we managed to serve the customers.

Springboard Americas

Local presence is needed

Select your customers

Technology/product must be

Norwegians must under
stand the urgency to deliver

Relationship selling;

always check that the
customer is happy

Springboard US can
facilitate this

Springboard US can help
with local advisors

Selection criteria

Selection criteria

You have spent millions in
R&D, invest to get top sales
and marketing people

Springboard help?