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Biotechnology Notes

Key Terms

Biotechnology = the manipulation of living
organisms or parts of organisms to make
products useful to humans.

Genetically Manipulated Organism (GMO) =
Those organisms that have had genetic
material removed and/or inserted in order
to change one or more particular traits of
an organism.

Transgenic = Organism that have genetic
material inserted from a different species.

The Need for Biotechnology

Food Supply (particularly for less

Green Revolution: increase in crop production by
crop breading, new pesticides, and new
management techniques

Genetic Make
up: Selecting for organisms with
highly desired traits

Genetic Improvement: Increase production at lower

Current Uses

Plants: Transgenic crops that have been
modified to resist insects

Animals: Cloning, genetic sequencing

Medicine: Gene Therapy, Genetic Mapping

Environment: Bioremediation (using organisms
to fix an environmental problem)

History Lesson

Selective Breeding

Disease Prevention and Treatment

vaccines and antibiotics


artificial insemination

Gene Transfer

Genetic Engineering

Selective breeding

Produces organisms with desired traits

Requires time and several generations
to produce offspring with the desired


Short vs long haired cats

Milk production in cattle

Disease resistant foods