Biotechnology is any technique that uses living organisms


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Competency Seven

Develop an

of the Designed World





Energy and Power


Objective 7.11

Explain the concepts and principles of

Define biotechnology

Provide examples of biotechnology

Identify and describe the areas of

Identify example applications of

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is any technique that
uses living organisms (or parts of
organisms) to make or modify
products, to improve plants or
animals, or to develop
microorganisms for specific use"


Traditional biotechnology was
brewing beer and wine or making
bread or cheese.

The new biotechnology has been
improving society in profound ways
with new medicines, foods,
fertilizers, and a wide range of

Uses of Biotechnology

May be used to monitor the health of
the environment with biosensors.

Cleans pollution by degrading
complex chemicals into simpler

Helps crops become resistant to
insects and pests without the use of
as much pesticide.


However, biotechnology has also
caused society to examine its values
by implementation of technologies

"designer babies,"

replacement limbs

organs grown from stem cells

biological warfare agents

the artificial extension of life by slowing
the aging process.

Biotechnology Areas

Environmental Applications

Bioremediation is using organisms in
processes that help to clean polluted

Biotechnology Areas

Agriculture and Biotechnology

Genetically altered crops and animals
are among the most significant
applications of biotechnology.

engineering has enabled both crop and
livestock producers to create
improvements to stocks.

Biotechnology Areas


Biological organisms are also important
in the production of products in

Bacteria are especially useful in
purification and separation processes.

For example, one particular type of
bacteria is being used in the mining and
refining of gold.

Biotechnology Areas

Genetic Engineering :

Genetic engineering is based on the manipulation of genes. If
there were two organisms, say bacteria, and each had
different but desirable characteristics, then the genes
responsible for each characteristic could be combined in one
of the organisms.

Aquaponics and aquaculture assisted in the
development of hardier stocks of fish and crops by using
genetic engineering.

Used to produce a more human
like insulin.

Has aided in the development of vaccines.

DNA, the genetic makeup of all life forms, is the key to
genetic engineering success.

Cloning is an example of genetic engineering.