the gender gap


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Redesigning outreach activities for
the gender gap


April 2012

Introduction and Scope

The ‘team’


What already happens

What is planned for the future

Thoughts and observations

Any questions?

The ‘team’

Dr Caroline Lambert

Associate Head of AEE

Faculty champion for gender equality

Miss Kuksy Makota

Final Year student on Aerospace

Individual project is on gender equality
and outreach development


UKRC workshop in September 2011.

Brought all different people together to share
thoughts and ideas:

Senior staff to final year students

Male and female

Different departments and Faculties

We realised some of what we did already was
good practice but some improvement and
more thought were needed.

What already happens

What already happens

What already happens

EC Promo Video

Used by all departments on open

Input from staff, students and
potential employers

What is planned for the future

Taster Workshops

Year 10/11

Small group ‘real’ activities led by staff
and students

Access to positive role models

Athena SWAN

Been brought to the attention of the
senior management

Aiming for University Bronze award
application in November 2012

Thoughts and plans for the future

We were embarking on some really
good practice already

Need to develop it, learn from it and
disseminate the impact

Look into more depth at the activity
led learning (ALL) approach on
gender expectations and

Thank you for listening