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1.017 εμφανίσεις Go Green Auto Spa is all about saving water. We offer car detailing, waxing, auto spa and valet services in Sherman Oaks, Westwood and Los Angeles area.

Go Green Auto Spa is all about saving water. We use less than a 1/4 gallon of water per vehicle. This is
possible because we have developed, with the help of


market leader in car wash supplies, a way to


safe soaps and waxes to rechargeable water machines. These machines transform

autos into sparkling carriages all while minimizing excessive water run
off. Our technicians scour
car in
teriors with a vacuum, sniffing out crumbs, sweeping rebellious air vents, and sucking up remnants
of dioramas built with


sticks. An interior wipe
down leaves your dash and console surfaces
sparkling. The vehicle’s exterior is cleaned using our ec
friendly soaps and dressing is applied to the
tires. Finally, we

go over the entire vehicle with our body gloss spray that adds a glossy luster and
protects your paint

from hazards including weather, sun rays, and of course bird droppings.

So don’t was
h your car, that wastes a ton of precious

water. Instead, let GoGreen “Spa it” for you. Your
car, and mother nature will thank you.

The Benefits of Keeping Your Car Clean

Keep Your Investment Clean

A car is an investment, just like a house. Although so
meone may not spend as much time in their car as
they do in their house, a clean car does have its

Reduces Chance of Rusting

When excess dirt builds up on your car, it can
eventually lead to rusting, and no one likes when
their car begins to rust
. Getting the dirt off quickly
can help prevent rusting.

How To Wash You Car & Save Water

Most people who wash their cars at home don’t realize how much water they’re wasting, and even more
don’t know that water becomes a potential hazard. We’ve come up
with some simple tips that can help
you wash your car in an environmentally friendly way:

Wash on Grass

Instead of washing your vehicle on the driveway, re
locate your vehicle so its on top of
grass or gravel. Allowing the soapy water to soak into the gr
ound, instead of running directly into the
sewer, provides time for the water to be naturally filtered and make its way into other groundwater.

And in the Shade

Soap and Water

Get a Shut
Off Valve

See a Professional

A Brief History of the Car Wash

Since c
ars were invented, people have found ways to keep
them nice and clean. In 1914, for the first time, two Detroit
men launched the first official car washing business.

The First Washes

This first car wash was completely man powered. As
customer’s brought the
ir car to the wash, employees
pushed the car around a circle to different locations for the
various stages of washing. They called it the “Automated Laundry.”

Although the idea for a car wash that automatically pulled cars through the different stages came

quickly, it was not until the mid 1900’s that semi
automatic car washes started to appear.

Going Automatic

The first “automatic” car wash was still nothing like we think of today. The first automatic car wash
simply utilized a winch system that would
hook onto a car bumper and pull a car past the men who were
soaping, scrubbing, washing and drying it. This type of car wash quickly evolved into an even more
automatic wash.

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