Impact of ICT


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Impact of ICT


How is social interaction affected?

Work and home life

never stops

no line between them


can contact people all over the globe

Social problems

Change in job patterns and how this impacts on social factors


cybercrime, lack of exercise, paedophilia


Access to information about different cultures

Communication links

Cultural shift in art, music and film

Cultural development can be hindered by lack of access to the internet

Dating, marriage

most marriages now met online

Real life

The Boston marathon killer caught on film?

Through photographs and videos of civilians at the marathon police collated two suspects by
comparing images and putting them together with CCTV.

Will computers kill handw

Children no longer learning how to handwrite as using IPads, IPods and tablets more in
schools for education and learning.

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In what ways has technology aided crime prevention?

Technology has aided crime by creating ICT security such as passwords.
Moreover, the

police nation computer a nationwide database allows police around the country to
communicate and share information in order to catch a criminal. CCTV cameras (closed
it television)
dotted around cities, towns and main roads. They are used to spot
trouble and monitor traffic. The CCTV feeds go back to a local control room as shown above.
Staff monitoring the cameras can send a radio message to the police despatch co
centre to send a police patrol to an incident if needed.

Real life

More than 200 police officers and support staff in Britain's biggest force have been caught
accessing the highly sensitive Police National Computer for their own ends.


In whatways

has it helped criminal activity?

However, its helped illegal downloads on music, film and pornography and has allowed easy
access for paedophiles.

Real life

organised London riots on twitter


Bit coin

virtual currency

A lot of the times rich l
ist are entrepreneurs

What happens to those without the funds to purchase technology as more services move

Giving thirs world countries mobile phones to contact doctors in America to obtain a
diagnosis and get them out of poverty