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With the deadline for mandatory federal Electronic On-Board Recorder (EOBR)
compliance quickly approaching and stringent state and local regulations on
the rise, choosing the right mobile technology has never been more important.
Mile for mile, mobile computing can help ensure you’re maximizing your fleet’s
operational efficiency, while achieving cost-effective regulatory compliance,
improving safety, reducing costs, and increasing customer service.
Rugged Mobile Computing
Ensure Compliance & Boost Efficiency

DAP’s computers are all-in-one devices that withstand the challenges
of life on the road, while reducing the amount of equipment needed to
communicate with the home office and comply with regulations. Whether
your trucks are involved in Over the Road (OTR), Truck Load (TL), or Less
Than Truckload (LTL) operations, DAP’s mobile rugged handheld, tablet, and
fixed-mount computers use wireless networks, telemetry, GPS, and JBUS
connections to ensure EOBR and other regulatory compliance and provide
you with valuable operational insight.
With mobile computing and wireless technology your
dispatchers receive real-time information, including each
truck’s location, speed, loading and unloading times, fuel
status, idling and stop times, temperature of cargo, and
maintenance alerts.
Automating the logging of this information allows the
driver to focus on the road instead of administrative
tasks like completing manual driver logs or fuel tax
calculations. Drivers also benefit from optimized routing,
live traffic updates and real-time feedback about their
truck’s status.
You can instantly assess the type of freight each truck is
hauling and the urgency of the load, track shipments,
improve turnaround times, and more. Meanwhile, clients
can track deliveries and the dispatcher can monitor
progress and compliance, identify safety issues like
speeding or low tire pressure, and transmit new work
orders to the driver.
DAP’s ergonomic, rugged computers are built to withstand drops and are sealed
against dust and moisture. The full line of handheld and fixed-mount computers is
independently certified and tested to function in the most challenging conditions.
Built for lAsting
trAnsPortAtion & logistics APPlicAtions for DAP coMPuters
• EOBR compliance and automated driver logs
• Driver training
• Fuel optimization
• Fuel tax calculation
• Geofencing
• Idling compliance
• Location Based Services (LBS)
• Optimized routing
• Pay-As-You-Drive insurance compliance
• Work order assignments
Whether you need rfiD for fleet maintenance, barcode scanning for inventory management,
or a JBus compatibility for eoBr, the modular design of DAP’s mobile handhelds provides
an advanced level of customization to maximize data-collection efficiency and wireless
Available options and features include:
• 1D laser or 1D/2D imager for barcode
• High-frequency (Hf) or ultra-high
frequency (uHf) rfiD reader
• Wireless communication via gPrs/gsM
3g, WlAn with a summit 802.11 b/g radio,
Bluetooth®, and gPs
• ergonomically designed trigger buttons
and optional removable pistol grip
• Multiple data safeguards including
memory of up 128 MB sDrAM, 1 gB
internal flash and automatic data
suspension with fast-swap battery
MoBile HAnDHelDs
DAP’s tablet computers provide a large screen size that’s ideal for gPs-enabled mapping, fuel
logs, eoBr compliance, email and driver communication, truck maintenance, inventory, work
order assignments, and more in a cross-functional form factor that can be quick-mounted
inside a cabin or carried and used as a mobile device.
Available features and options include:
• 1D laser or 1D/2D imager for barcode
• full touchscreen or tactile QWertY
keypad with dedicated 10-key
• compact size allows for a clear line-of-
sight in vehicle-mounted applications,
with quick-release option for handheld
• Voice-ready
• Wireless usB and integrated ZigBee
wireless technology
• optically enhanced touchscreens for
optimal sunlight viewability
• Wireless communication via gobi 3000,
gPrs/gsM 3g, WlAn with a summit
802.11 a/b/g/n radio, Bluetooth®, and gPs
MoBile tABlets
When the computer is to be used exclusively in a truck, DAP’s vehicle-mount computers offer
the largest screen size among DAP’s lineup, while limiting cabin intrusion.
Features include:
• sunlight-viewable touchscreen
• Wireless communication via gPs, WlAn,
and gPrs/gsM 3g enabled
• choice of display size ranging from 12 to
15 inches
• Multi-use serial ports to support legacy
peripherals like barcode scanners and
rfiD readers
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ABout DAP tecHnologies
Your it infrastructure is only as good as the equipment that supports it.
that’s why it’s important to choose reliable computer hardware solutions
that can be tailored to your unique specifications and adapt along with
your company.
for more than 30 years, DAP technologies has been committed
to understanding the evolving needs of industries that operate in
challenging environments. We specialize in time-tested, forward-
thinking hardware solutions customized to meet your needs today and
flexible to solve the challenges of tomorrow.
DAP designs and manufactures a full range of rugged computers,
including PDAs, handhelds, tablets and fixed-mount computers for
demanding industries and harsh environments.