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Dan Lloyd, p.

Dan Lloyd

Brownell Professor of Philosophy

Trinity College

300 Summit Street

Hartford, CT 06106

860 297 2528

fax: 860 297 4249


Columbia University

Ph.D. Philosophy


Picturing: The Aesthetics, Epistemology, and

Ontology of Pictorial Representation.
Arthur Danto, advisor.

Columbia University

M.A. Philosophy


Oberlin College

B.A. Phi Beta Kappa

English & Philosophy



Trinity College, Hartford, CT, Assistant Professor, 1987
90, Associate Professor with tenure, 1991
1999; Full Professor, 2000

Visiting Professor, University of Helsinki, Finland, 2002

Simmons College, Boston, Visiting Assistan
t Professor, 1985

University of California, Santa Barbara, Assistant Professor, 1982


Docent (Permanent Adjunct Professor), Department of Social and Moral Philosophy,
University of Helsinki, 2009

Fulbright Fellows
hip, Lecture/Research Grant,
Collegium for Advanced

and Department of Social and Moral Philosophy,

University of
Helsinki, Finland, 2008

“Urban Being” grant for student initiated community service projects, Figure
Foundations and Hartford

Foundation for Public Giving
, 2005

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Faculty Development Grant, 2005

Kellogg Foundation, Kellogg Education Fund Project Award, for joint research and teaching
with Olin Neuropsychiatric Research Center, 2005

ForeWord Mag
azine “Book of the Year” Gold Medal Award (Philosophy), for


Visiting Fellow, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, University of Helsinki, 2003

New Perspectives in Functional Brain Imaging Research Award, 2002 (awarded by the
al MRI Data Center and
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Trinity College Faculty Research Grants, 1993, 1997, 2000

NECUSE (New England Consortium for Undergraduate Science Education) Grant for
neuroscience course development (with Priscilla Kehoe, co


American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship, 1990

Arthur Hughes Award for Special Achievement in Teaching at Trinity, 1990

Andrew W. Mellon Faculty Fellowship in the Humanities, Harvard University, 1986

Society of Fellows in the Humanities
, Cornell University, 1986
87 (declined)

Dan Lloyd, p.

American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship for Recent Recipients of the Ph.D.,
87 (declined)

University of California Regents' Junior Faculty Fellowships, 1984, 1985

Danforth Fellowship, 1980

Chamberlain Fellowship, 1980

Columbia University President's Fellowship, 1975

Christopher Dahl Award (Best Oberlin Philosophy Essay) 1975

PUBLICATIONS (excluding book reviews):



Radiant Cool: a novel theory of consciousness
. (Cambridge

Press), 2004

Italian translation: Radiant Cool: Lo strano caso della mente umana (Sironi, 2006)

Japanese translation:


(Kodansha Ltd.,

Korean translation forthcoming.

Minds, Brains, and Computers: Perspectives in Cognitive
Science and Artificial Intelligence
, co
edited with D. Anselmi, W. M. Brown, K. Haberlandt, and R. Morelli. Ablex Publishers,

Simple Minds
, a philosophical examination of scientific approaches to the mind and brain. Bradford
Books/MIT Press, 198


Articles and Short Fiction:

Time after Time: temporality in the dynamic brain, in:
Being in Time,
Eds. Shimon Edelman
and Tomer Fekete (John Benjamins), in press.

Through a Glass Darkly: Schizophrenia and Brain Imaging,
Philosophy, Psychiatry, and
18(4):257:275, 2011.

Is "Cognitive Neuroscience" an Oxymoron?,
Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology,
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Frontiers in

2:63. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2011.00063

, 2011

correlates of temporality: Default mode var
iability and temporal awareness,
Consiousness and Cognition,
in press (

Many times over: A brief reply to Lee and Klincewicz
Consiousness and Cognition,
in press.

Grand challenge
s in theoretical and philosophical psychology: after psychology? Frontiers in
Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology 1:9. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2010.00009.

Lloyd, D., Calhoun, V., Pearlson, G., Astur, R., Functional Brain Imaging and the Problem of
Other Mi
nds, in
Theory of Mind and Literature
, Eds. P. Leverage, H. Mancing, R.
Schweickert, and J. William, eds. (Lafayette, IN: Purdu
e University Press), pp.259
273, 2011

Two cultures but one epistemology: novels and empirical science, in
Language and the
ntific Imagination : proceedings of the 11th Conference of the International
Society for the Study of European Ideas (ISSEI)
, Language Centre, University of
Helsinki, Finland, 2009.

Dan Lloyd, p.

When time is out of joint: schizophrenia and functional neuroimaging, in
Psychiatry as
Cognitive Neuroscience: Philosophical Perspectives
M. Broome and L. Bortolotti,
eds. (Oxford University Press),
192, 2009

Outsourcing the Mind (book review of Andy Clark,
Supersizing the Mind: Embodiment,
Action, and Cognitive
, and Alva Noë,
Out of Our Heads: Why You Are Not
Your Brain, and Other

Lessons from the Biology of Consciousness


342, July
August 2009.

Stream of Consciousn

Oxford Companion to


T. Bayne, A. Cleerema
ns, P.
Wilken, eds.,

University Press), pp. 612
614, 2009

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ty, A., Pearlson, G., McKiernan
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yd, D., K
iehl, K., Calhoun, V.,
Aberrant 'default
mode' functional connectivity in schizophrenia.
American Journal of Psychiatry
457, March 2007

Civil Schizophrenia, in
Distributed Cognition and the Will
, D. Ross and D. Spurett
, eds.
(Cambridge: MIT Press),

Transcending Text: Magical Realism and Everyday Life, in
Visions of value and

truth: understanding philosophy and literature,

(Acta Philosophica Fennica

L. Werner and F. Ruokonen, eds. (Helsinki: Suo

filosofinen yhdistys),

Imagining a Scientific Revolution: The Case of Consciousness Science (translated into
Finnish as “Tieteen uusi aluevaltaus: tajunnan tiede
”), in
Ihmistieteet t

from the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studi
es, Helsinki: Gaudeamus), 2005

More Than Meets the Eye (commentary),
, 2004.

His Last Postcard (short story),
SEED Magazine
, 11:104
118, Fall 2004.

Double Trouble for Gestält Bubbles,
avioral and Brain Sciences,
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Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science

(New York: MacMillan), 2003.

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Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
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Studying the mind fr
om the inside out,
Brain and Mind
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Beyond ‘the Fringe’: A Cautionary Critique of William James,
Consciousness and Cognition
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Terra cognita: From functional neuroimaging to the map of the mind,
Brain and Mind
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Virtual lesions in the not
modular brain,
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Popping the Thought Balloon, in
The Philosophy of Daniel Dennett, a comprehensive assessment
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Multivariate meta
analysis of studies in the Brainmap archive,
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Trinity College as a Site of Citizenship, in
Universities as Sites of Citizenship
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Dan Lloyd, p.

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September 1996

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Hours Experiments in Cognitive Neuroscience, in
Neuroscience Methods:
The Undergraduate Laboratory Experience
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Commentary on Towards a Design
Based Analysis of Emotional Episodes,
Philosophy, Psychiatry,
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Are You a Cognitive Liberal? Take This Simple Quiz! in

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Consonance and consciousness: Harmonies in
fMRI signals correlate with perceptual and motor
events in healthy subjects; dissonance characterizes schizophrenia, poster presentation,
Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness annual meeting, Kyoto, Japan, June

Dan Lloyd, p.

Love and Time in Shake
speare, invited lecture, College of Foreign Languages, Nankai University,
Tianjin, China, June 2011.

Musical form in functional brain image series: From heuristics to hypotheses
Neurotalk 2011,
, China, May 2011.

Beyond the Language of Thought: Mus
ical form in functional brain imaging data
, Invited
9th Sino
German Worksh
op, Peking University, Beijing, China, May 2011.

Shakespeare as Philosopher, Invited Lecture Series (5 lectures
: "Time"; "Being";
"Self" ; "Evil";

), Nankai Uni
versity, Tianjin, China, March
April 2011.

Does the resting brain talk to itself? Or sing? Invited lecture, Beijing Normal University, Beijing,
China, November 2010.

Concepts of Mind in Western Philosophy, Invited Lecture Series (5 lectures), Nankai Un
Tianjin, China, October
November 2010.

Music in the brain: a puzzle for aesthetics (on the general theme of the relationship between
aesthetics and neuroscience), International Congress of Aesthetics, Peking U
Beijing, August 2010.

n dynamics as music: analysis of musical properties in fMRI and its conscious

correlates, Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness annual meeting, U
of Toronto, June 2010.

Mind as music: Does fMRI reveal the music of the hemispheres?
, invited lecture, Mt. Holyoke
Department of Philosophy, April 2010.

Distributed brain activity and musical form?, presentation at the inaugural meeting of the New
England Music Cognition Interest Group, New York University, March 2010.

Neural Correlates o
f Temporality: Default Mode Variability and State

Awareness, Consciousness Online Conference, February 2010

If we could listen to the brain, what would we hear?, invited lecture,
Kunsthaus Bregenz,
Bregenz, Austria, November 2009.

The Music of Time: Prospects for a State
dependent Neurophenomenology of Temporality,

invited lecture, conference on ‘Intra

and Interpersonal Differences in the Experience
of Time,' European Platform for

Life Sciences, Mind Sciences, and the Humanities,
University of Turku, Finland, September 2009.

So Many Voxels, so Little Time, invited plenary address, Conceptual Issues in fMRI
conference, University of Guelph, Ontario, May 2009.

Situating Sociality, or

How to Lose Your Mind, invited lecture, Roots of Human Sociality
conference, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Study, Finland, April 2009.

So Many Variables, So Little Time: Oversimplification in fMRI, invited talk, Dana/Hastings
Center Working Group on In
terpreting Neuroimaging, University of Pennsylvania,
January 2009.

Thoughtful and Thoughtless Sounds from the Edge of Music, conference presentation (with
Salla Hakkola),
Voices and Noises: Exploring the Materiality of Sound,
Institute for
Art Research, U
niversity of Helsinki, November 2008.

Radical Temporality: From Husserl to Cognitive Neuroscience, invited lecture, conference on
'The clock's time, the brain's time and the mind's time,' European Platform for Life
Sciences, Mind Sciences, and the Humanit
ies, Munich, October 2008.

Music of the Hemispheres: Listening to the Polyphonic Brain, Brownell Professorship
Inaugural Lecture, Trinity College, September 2008.

Two cultures but one epistemology: novels and empirical science, International Society for
he Study of European Ideas,

University of Helsinki
, August 2008.

Music of the Hemispheres, invited lecture, Fiera Editoria Scientifica Trieste (FEST), the
International Science Media Fair, Trieste, April 2008.

Dan Lloyd, p.

Time, Narrative and the Brain,
“brown bag pres

Helsinki Collegium for Advanced
Studies, Helsinki, Finland, March 2008.

Philosophy and Literature, invited lecture, Association of Finnish Teachers of English, Helsinki,
January 2008.

Broadband Cognition, Brainreading, and Phenomenology, invite
d lecture, Foundations of Cognitive
Science working group, Hampshire College, October 2007.

The shifting streams of consciousness:

an fMRI study of consciousness during a simulated
driving task (poster), Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousne
ss, Las
Vegas, June 2007.

Neurophenomenology: Toward a s
cience of consciousness, invited lectures, Kyoto University
and Reitsumekan University, Japan, June 2007.

Narrative meets cognition in the brain (on Friday the 13
), invited lecture, Literature and
Cognitive Science Research Group, Yale University, May 2007.

From City to Map and Back Again: A Campus
Community Google Map Mash

[with Rachael Barlow and David Tatem], invited presentation, Northeast Regional Computer
Program. College of the Holy Cross,

March 2007.

The brain is a story: a novel approach, invited lectures at University of Milan and
2006, Italy, October 2006

neurophenomenology of time: functional neuroimaging in the past and future tense
Association for the
Scientific Study of Consciousness, Oxford University, June 2006.

Neuronarratology, Conference on Literature and Cognitive Science, University of Connecticut,
April 2006.

‘She Never Knew She Was a Rabbit’ and Other Epitaphs, Socrates Lecture, Individual Deg
Program, Trinity College, April 2006.

The Brain and Consciousness, Faculty Research Lecture, Trinity College, April 2006.

Schizophrenia and Functional Neuroimaging: Distributed Dysfunction and the Assumption of
Modularity, Society of European Psychiat
rists annual conference, Nice, France, March

The End of the Story: Science as Fiction and Fiction as Science, invited lecture, Helsinki Collegium
for Advanced Studies, March 2006.

Ecological Psychology, Externalism, and the Two Dimensions of Time, In
ternational Conference on
Perception and Action, Monterey, CA, July 2005.

The Infrastructure of Reality: Temporality and Brain Imaging, invited lecture, Neurophilosophy:
the State of the Art, California Institute of Technology, June 2005.

Philosophical an
d Phenomenological fMRI, workshop faculty presentation, McDonnell Foundation
Neurophilosophy Workshop for Early Career Researchers, California Institute of
Technology, June 2005.

Mediated: Blobs, Blurbs, and the Responsibilities of Researchers, invited ta
lk, Society for
Philosophy and Psychology, Wake Forest University, June 2005.

Civil Schizophrenia, invited lecture, Mind and World Conference, University of Alabama, March
2005; Also: Syracuse University Cognitive Science Invited Lecture, April 2005.

Intensive Residential Sophomore Program at Trinity College, AAC&U Annual Meeting,
Atlanta, February 2005.

Perspectives on Representations in Artificial and Biological Systems,
Consciousness, Time, and
the Brain, invited lectures, Southern Connecticut S
tate University, February 2005.

Carving Time at the Joints: Independent Component Analysis as a tool for exploring
functional brain imaging
Exploring the Temporal Structures of Consciousness
with Functional Brain Imaging, invited lectures, Institute f
or Cognitive Science,
University of Colorado, Boulder, January 2005.

The Thick Present: Magical Realism and Everyday Life, Invited Lecture, Reflections on Literature
and Philosophy Conference, University of Helsinki, Finland, August 2004.

Dan Lloyd, p.


Consciousness and the Depth of the Present, Association for the Scientific Study
of Consciousness, Antwerp, Belgium, June 2004.

Service Learning Pedagogy, and Service Learning Institutional Development, workshops (co
facilitated with Todd Vogel and Elino
r Jacobson), Institute for Service Learning, Trinity
College, June 2004.

Brains, Books, Borges, invited talk, Philosophy, Language, and Semiotics conference, University of
Hartford, April 2004.

Radiant Cool
, a reading, “Living Writers” series, Trinity
College, March 2004.

Radiant Cool
: a neuro
noir journey to the centre of the mind, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)
Café Scientif
que, Winchester Festival of Art and the Mind, Winchester, U.K., March 2004.

Functional MRI and the Fourth Dimension, invi
ted lecture, Grand Rounds, Institute of Living,
Hartford, CT, December 2003.

The Feel of Time: Temporality and Experience, plenary talk, Space and Time Workshop: Between
Phenomenology and Neuroscience, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, November 2003

The Physiology of Time: Neural Network Models and Brain Imaging of Temporality, plenary talk,
Space and Time Workshop: Between Phenomenology and Neuroscience, Vrije Universiteit
Brussel, Brussels, November 2003.

Probing Consciousness with fMRI, invite
d plenary lecture, Nordic Network for Consciousness
Studies, Turku, Finland, May 2003.

How Should a Humanist Look at the Brain?, invited presentation, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced
Studies, University of Helsinki, May 2003.

Essential Structures as Empiri
cal Hypotheses: the "neurophenomenology" of functional brain
scanning, invited lecture, Nordic Society for Phenomenology, Helsinki, April 2003.

Functional MRI and Distributed Processing in the Brain, invited plenary lecture, International
Symposium, "Neur
oimaging: What are we really looking at?", Finnish Graduate School of
Neuroscience, University of Helsinki, April 2003.

Phenomenology as Cognitive Neuroscience: A case study in functional brain imagery, invited
lecture, Danish National Research Foundati
on, Center for Subjectivity Research,
Copenhagen, Denmark, February 2003.

Consciousness, Time, and the Brain, invited lecture, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies,
University of Helsinki, Finland, October 2002.

Functional MRI and Temporal Awareness, i
nvited lecture, University of Turku, Finland, October

The Worlds of Disney and the World of Linnanmäki, invited lecture, University of Jyväskyla,
Finland, October 2002, University of Turku, Finland, October 2002, University of Helsinki,
Finland, Dece
mber 2002, University of Tartu, Estonia, April 2003.

Functional MRI and the study of human consciousness, New Perspectives in Functional Brain
Imaging Award Lecture, Dartmouth College, July 2002.

Consciousness and Functional Brain Imaging: Methods and Ap
plications, Workshop presentation,
Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, Barcelona, June 2002.

With time in mind: Explorations of the neural foundations of consciousness. Invited lecture,
Connecticut College Department of Philosophy, Apr
il 2002.

Vision, as seen from within, Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science, Boston University,
March 2002.

Community Learning at Trinity College in Hartford: Faculty Perspectives (and other presentations),
National Community Learning Conference
, Trinity College, October 2001.

Neural Networks for Everystudent, presentation and workshop, Project Kaleidoscope Conference,
Trinity College, June 2001.

’Canonical Subject Analysis’: Seeking the typical rather than the mean in multi
subject fMRI
studies, (co
authored with Elizabeth Chua and Vincent Clark), Cognitive Neuroscience
Society Annual Meeting, New York, March 2001.

Dan Lloyd, p.

Models of Association and Dissociation in Temporal Awareness, workshop presented at
Association for the Scientific Study of
Consciousness Annual Meeting, Brussels, Belgium,
June 2000.

Multivariate Meta
Analysis of Papers in the Brainmap Database, Human Brain Mapping Annual
Meeting, San Antonio, June, 2000.

Captivating Qualia, Society for Philosophy and Psychology Annual Meetin
g, New York, June,

Geometries of

mind and brain, invited lecture, University of Connecticut Department of
Philosophy, March 2000.

Institutionalizing Community Service Learning, invited presentation, Connecticut Campus Compact
Annual State
Conference, October, 1999.

A Meta
analysis of Topographic Brain Mapping Studies, invited presentation, seminar in functional
brain imagining, University of Connecticut Medical School, May 1999.

Discovering Discovery: Learning through Laboratories, Laborato
ries and Literacy: Mathematics and
Science in the Humanities, Trinity College, February 1999.

Terra Cognita: From functional neuroimaging to the map of the mind, invited talk, Connecticut
Neuropsychology Society, September 1998.

The functional neuroanatomy

of mind: a preliminary survey, Society for Philosophy and
Psychology Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, June 1998.

Reading the Brain to Map the Mind: A multi
variate approach to functional neuro
University of Connecticut Department of Psychology Collo
quium, April 1998.

Can Consciousness be Localized? Institute of Living, Grand Rounds, January 1998. Also presented
at the University of Connecticut fMRI research seminar, February 1998.

The Mystery of Consciousness, Trinity College Faculty Research Lectur
e, October 1997; Invited
colloquium, Hofstra University Department of Philosophy, November 1997.

Twilight of the Zombies, American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, March 1997.

Toward a Functional Anatomy of Mind, invited talk, Philosophy, Neur
oscience, and Psychology
Program, Washington University, St. Louis, April 1996.

Consciousness and Its Discontents, Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference, University of
Arizona, March 1996.

I, Zombie, American Philosophical Association, Eastern Divi
sion, December 1995.

Minds, Brains, and Neural Networks, four tutorial sessions for continuing certification,
Chiropractic Council for Interdisciplinary Studies, April 1995.

Distributed Representation in the Brain, invited talk, Institute for Research in

Cognitive Science,
University of Pennsylvania, April 1995.

Connectionism and the Neuroses: Repressed Memory and the Stream of Consciousness, invited
address, American Psychoanalytic Society annual meeting, New York, December 1994.

Neural Network Modeling

and Psychoanalysis: From Lucy R. to Lucynet, invited address, Society
for Philosophy and Phenomenology, Yale University, October 1994.

Connectionism and Consciousness, plenary session address, Society for Philosophy and Psychology
Annual Meeting, Memphi
s, TN, June 1994.

Consciousness, Connectionism, and Cognitive Neuroscience: A Meeting of the Minds, invited
lecture, UC San Diego, May 1994.

Consciousness, the Unconscious, and the Brain, invited talk, Leverett House, Harvard University,
May 1994.

What i
s it like to be a net? American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, April 1994.

Thinking, Doing, and Knowing, invited talk, Society for Philosophy and Psychiatry, Yale
University, October 1993.

Hysteria in a Neural Network (with Karalyn

Kinsella, 2nd author), Society for Philosophy and
Psychology Annual Meeting, Vancouver, June 1993, and American Psychological
Association Annual Meeting, Toronto, August 1993.

Dan Lloyd, p.

Cognition in the Classroom? The Perils of Introductory Cognitive Science, inv
ited presentation,
NSF Conference on Undergraduate Cognitive Science Education, Washington, DC, May

Designs for Thinking: The Computational Neuroanatomy of Chris Cherniak, American
Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, March 1993.

Media and
Politics, invited lecture, Noah Webster Foundation, West Hartford, March 1993.

The Mind: Still Representational After All These Years, invited presentation, Fourteenth Annual
Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, July 1992.

Carving Pictures at the

Joints (commentary), American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division,
December 1991.

Consciousness, Representation, Computation, invited lecture, Wesleyan University, April 1991.

Rules and Realism (commentary), American Philosophical Association, Pac
ific Division, March

Leaping to Conclusions: Connectionism, Consciousness, and the Computational Mind, Connecticut
College Philosophy Colloquium, April 1990, and Virginia Polytechnic University
Philosophy Colloquium, September 1990.

Is There a Cogni
tive Unconscious? Grand Rounds, Institute of Living, Hartford, CT, January 1990.

Simple Representations for Simple Minds, invited lecture, Cognitive Science Program, University
of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, March 1989.

Representation from the Bottom Up,
invited lecture, Hampshire College Philosophy Colloquium,
Amherst, February 1989.

Are You a Cognitive Liberal? Take This Simple Quiz!, invited paper, Conference on
Representation, Realism, and Research, Columbia University, New York, December 1988.

ing Is Happening But You Don't Know What It Is, invited paper, Vassar College Philosophy
Talk, November 1988.

From Synthetic Brains to Embodied Minds, invited lecture, Department of Neuroanatomy, School
of Medicine, Washington University, St. Louis, April

The Languages of Thought, American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, March 1988, and
University of Connecticut Philosophy Colloquium, February 1988.

The Rules of the Brain (commentary), American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division,

December 1987.

Cognition and Narration, University of New Hampshire Philosophy Colloquium, April 1987.

Parallel Distributed Processing and the Philosophy of Mind: Only Connect? invited address, Society
for Philosophy and Psychology, Johns Hopkins Universi
ty, June 1986.

The Diary of a Transducer, invited talk, Five College Colloquium in the Philosophy of Mind,
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, May 1986.

Simple Representations in Simple Nervous Systems, invited talk, Systems Neurobiology
Symposium, Unive
rsity of California, San Diego, April 1986.

Content in Nature: Steps Toward Neurosemantics, invited paper, Conference on the Relevance of
Neuroscience to Philosophy, University of California, San Diego, April 1986.

Innervating Representation, Tufts Univers
ity Philosophy Colloquium, November 1985, and
American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, March 1986.

What is Connectionism? (commentary) American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division,
December 1985.

The Inevitability of Physiology in the
Scientific Study of the Mind, American Philosophical
Association, Pacific Division, March 1985.

Mental Representation from the Bottom Up, American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division,
December 1984.

The Intentional Snail, or the Limits of Cognitive

Liberalism, American Philosophical Association,
Pacific Division, March 1985.

Dan Lloyd, p.

Looking at Mental Images, invited paper, Five College Colloquium in the Philosophy of Mind,
Hampshire College, November 1981.


Music o
f the Hemispheres: A Live Music, Film, and Science Event
Issue Project Room, Brooklyn,
New York,
November 2011

Music of the Hemispheres: composition, multi
media performance, and panel discussion, Issue
Project Room, Brooklyn, New York, April 2010.

Soundscape composition for Tony Oursler’s video installation, “Lock 2, 4, 6,” Kunsthaus Bregenz,
Bregenz, Austria, October 2009

January 2010.

Installation Editor, Inside Out: Visual work and artists' statements by inmates in the Connecticut
Prison Asso
ciation's Correctional Art Program, Artworks Gallery, Hartford, June 15
July 10,
1993. (The installation was designed to spark reflection on the relation of freedom to
creativity. I collected and edited inmates' statements and designed panels juxtaposing
statements with quotations from established artists.)



Chair, Dep
artment of Philosophy (2005

Director, Tutorial College (2003

Faculty Coordinator, Community Learning Initiative (1994

Community Action Minor Coordinator

Cognitive Science Minor Coordinator

Community Learning Curriculum Development Committee

Chair, Community Learning Advisory Group

Trinity Urban Review Committee

Instructional Technologies in Education Committee

ce Coordinating Committee

New Faculty Orientation Planning Committee

Educational Studies Advisory Committee

Various departmental and administrative search committees

Various workshops for TAs, RAs, students, and faculty

Chair, Faculty Advisory Committee

on Fraternities and Sororities

Urban Learning Task Force

Connecticut Campus Compact Founding Committee

Trinity Strategic Planning Task Force

First Year Program Council

Math Center Advisory Committee

Chair, Racial Harassment Grievance Committee


Joint Subcommittee for review of the Educational Studies Program

Year One Implementation Committee

Institutional Advancement Committee

Director, Neuroscience Program


Dan Lloyd, p.

Board of Directors, Connecticut National Organization fo
r Women

Classical Magnet lecturer on philosophy and science in Hartford Middle Schools

Board of Directors, Community Partners in Action

Volunteer, Community Partners in Action Prison Arts Program

Steering Committee, Connecticut Campus Compact


New England Resource Center for Higher Education

Board of Directors, Hartford Center for Creative and Critical Thinking

Volunteer, Institute of Living (Psychiatric Hospital)

Volunteer, St. Elizabeth’s House (Homeless Shelter)


Organizing committee (arranging tutorials, plenaries; refereeing 400 submissions),
Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness annual meeting, Taipei, June 2008.

Member, Editorial Board,
Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in

Member, Editorial Board,
Philosophical Psychology

American Philosophical Association

Society for Philosophy and Psychology

Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness

Cognitive Neuroscience Society

Society for the Scientific Study
of Consciousness

The Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Manuscript Reviewer for MIT Press, Oxford University Press, Laurence Erlbaum, Mayfield
Publishers, and various journals


Patricia Smith Churchland, Chair

UC President's Professor
of Philosophy

University of California San Diego

La Jolla CA 92093


Arthur C. Danto

Emeritus Johnsonian Professor of Philosophy

Columbia University

2960 Broadway

New York, NY


Daniel C. Dennett, Director

Center for Cognitive Studies

Tufts University

Medford, MA 02155


Mark Rollins

Chair of
Philosophy in Arts & Sciences

Campus Box 1073

Washington University

Dan Lloyd, p.

One Brookings Drive

St. Louis, MO 63130



Born August 7, 1953

CV updated
March 2012