Alaskan Fishing Trips


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For world class halibut and salmon fishing, Glacier Bay Eagles Nest Lodge is truly one of the highest quality and best fishing experiences Alaska has to offer.

Alaskan Fishing Trips

Glacier Bay Eagles Nest Lodge is located in beautiful
Gustavus, Alaska (35 miles west of Juneau). Gustavus is
known for having the world’s best halibut fishing. If you
want to catch all five species of salmon or gigantic halibut,
Glacier Bay Eagles Nest Lodge is the place for you.

Our lodge can comfortably accommodate up to twenty
guests each week. We have one room with one bed, five
rooms with two beds, two rooms with three beds and one
room with six beds. Each room has a full bath, with the
largest having two.

Our excellently prepared meals are served family
style in
our dining room. While dining, you can watch the meadow
for moose and bear that wander through on occasion.

We are a full service lodge, with the best value in Alaska
fishing. We will provide your transportation, pack your fish
(up to two
50 pound boxes), clean your rooms, and provide
all your snacks and meals.

Glacier Bay Eagles Nest Lodge

The food at EAGLES NEST LODGE is excellent, and there is plenty of
it. Our cooks work hard to guarantee that you have the highest
quality food for your dining pleasure.

Breakfast consists of a variety of items served family style at our
large dining room table. Each morning there could be eggs, bacon,
ham, sausage, hash brown potatoes, pancakes, French toast,
waffles, omelets, hot cereal, fruit, milk, juice, hot chocolate and

Lunch will be served picnic style on the boat. Sandwiches (ham,
turkey, roast beef, halibut salad, peanut butter and jelly), chips,
cookies, candy, soda and water are provided.

Dinner will be served in our dining room and features macadamia
nut crusted halibut, salmon, chicken cordon bleu, turkey, lasagna,
roast beef or steak. We also serve a variety of salads, side dishes,
breads, and desserts.

The town of
, Alaska, has daily 737 airline service from
Juneau, starting Memorial Day through Labor Day. This service is
provided by Alaska Airlines. These flights originate in Seattle,
Washington, to Juneau, Alaska. There is one flight from Juneau
arriving daily in

at 4:50 pm. Travel between Juneau and

before Memorial Day and after Labor Day will be on one
of the smaller commercial airlines that service southeast Alaska.

We will pick you up at the airport and have you at our lodge in
about 5 minutes. You will be returned to the airport, for your
return trip home, with your boxes of fish on the day of departure.
In most cases, an overnight stay in either Juneau or Seattle will be
required on your trip home.

To make your travel arrangements, you can call Jamie Valdez at
9575. She has been our travel agent for years, and she
can assist you in making your travel reservations.