World UPS Market

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World UPS Market

Reduction of Overstocked Inventories will Stimulate the
UPS Systems Market

Renewed confidence with industries stabilizing after having undergone cost
reductions and new spending cycles as inventories deplete, are leading to an
upturn in the uninterruptible power supply systems (UPSs) market. ”

Power Supplies & Batteries Analyst Team

Frost & Sullivan

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Frost & Sullivan provides:

Detailed insights into recent developments and trends

Drivers, restraints, challenges, and strategic recommendations

Analyst insights on ‘hot topics’ and emerging applications

in the world UPS market

Market sizing and competitive analysis

Market forecasts and opportunity analysis

Quarterly assessments

End user analysis within each report

Key Features

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Coverage: Global

Proven methodology encompassing extensive primary and
secondary data and research

Focused information and strategies that cover business and
technology issues

Credible data and analysis highlighting industry dynamics

Winning strategies to help you create precise business plans

What We Offer

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Current Market Participants

Find out how you compare to the competition

Assess current and future drivers and restraints

Determine and exploit new market share opportunities

New Entrants

Analyze challenges associated with the industry

Calculate time scales for strategy implementation

Position yourself to capitalize on the market’s unmet needs

Investment Community

Analyze long
term strategies of companies

Determine which participants will outperform the competition

Assess attractiveness of investing in the market

Who Will Benefit?

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Abacus Controls, Inc.

Acumentrics Corp.

Alpha Technologies Ltd.

American Power Conversion Corp.

American West Corp.

Atlas Energy Systems, Inc.

Avel Lindberg, Inc.

AVK | SEG (UK) Ltd.

Beam Tech Electronics Co., Ltd.

Behlman Electronics, Inc.

Belkin Components

Chloride Power Electronics

Chroma ATE, Inc.

Clary Corp.

Claude Lyons Group

CM Comandos Lineares

Computer Power Corp.

Computer Power, Inc.

Controlled Power Corp.

Cyber Power Systems, Inc.

Key Market Participants

Cyberex LLC

Delta Electronics, Inc.

Densei Lambda K.K.

Elnova Ltd.

Energy Technologies, Inc.


EPI, Inc.

Fairstone Technologies Corp.

Falcon Electric, Inc.

Fenton Technologies


Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Galco Industrial Electronics

Gamatronics Electronic Industries Ltd.

GE Digital Energy

Great NDC Ltd.

EE Co., Ltd.

Hensheng (XiaMen KeHua Hensheng Co., Ltd.)

Hua Wei Electron Operating Co.

IE Power, Inc.

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IMV Invertomatic

International Computer Power, Inc.

Invensys Plc / Powerware

Jeidar Electronics Co., Ltd.


Jovy Power Electronics

Kato Engineering/Reliance Electric


Kernel Associates, Inc.

Kstar Electronics Co., Ltd.

Kukje Sanup Electronics Co., Ltd.

Leonics Co., Ltd.

Liebert Corp.

LTI Power Systems, Inc.

Main Power Electronics Corp.

Key Market Participants

Maxwell Technologies, Inc.

Mesta Electronics, Inc.

MGE UPS Systems, Inc.

Minuteman UPS

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

Newave UPS Systems



Omron Corp.

OnLine Power, Inc.

Phoenixtec Power Co., Ltd.

Piller, Inc.

Power Paragon/SPD Technologies, Inc

Powercom Co.


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Russelelctric, Inc.

S&C Electric Co. (Power Electronics

Salicru Electronics

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.


Sanyo Denki


Siel SpA


Socomec Group

Key Market Participants

Staco Energy Products Co.



Tripp Lite

Tsi Power Corp.

United Power Corp.

Upsonic Power Pty., Ltd.

Yamabishi Electric Co.


Yutaka Electric Manufacturing

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